Rev. Rowland Newman
1845 - 1919

 Relationship to me: Great Great Uncle Gen -3 
 Born: 23 Oct 1845; baptised Yeovil August 7 1846
 Died: 17th Feb 1919, buried at Hawkridge Churchyard
 Age 73  
 Father:      Edwin Newman (of Yeovil) 1803 - 1884
 Mother: Charlotte Jekyll 1810 - 1875
 Brothers: (elder) Edwin 1829 - c1883
George Henry 1830 - 1858 
William 1832 - <1885
Charlotte 1833 d. in infancy
Joseph Jekyll 1834 - 1876
Walter 1836 - 1894 
  Charles 1838 d. in infancy 
  Henry 1840 - 1847 
  Charles Octavius 1841 - >1911
  Arthur 1843 - 1915
 Sisters:   (younger) Henrietta (m. Paynter 1867) 1847 - 1914 
 Married: Cathrine Louise Edwards (at Kensington*) b. circa 1852
 Children: Rowland Alan Webb 1878 - 1958
  Claude Edwin Sandys 1880 - 1942
  Violet Sherston 1882 - 1965
  Katherine Charlotte Jekyll (Kitty) 1884 - 1963 
  Reginald Noble 1889 - 1964

* From an unnamed source handed down to me from my father.

Ian Caldwell gave me this photo of Rowland, but I have no details of the date, location or the ladies present, though the lady on the right looks a little bit like Lilian Paynter

Photo of "Aunt Louie" - Rowland's wife - Catherine Louise (née Edwards)
from photo album in my possession

Outline Rowland's Life: Somerset Country Archives indicate that in 1870, Rowland became Assistant Curate at Wembdon, which is just outside Bridgwater in Somerset. In the 1871 census he was at home with his parents and described as the "Officiating Minister of Lufton So...".

Somerset Archives also tell me that at the time of the 1881 census index of Somerset, Rowland, then 35 years old, was the Rector of Lufton (which happens to have been the village where Henry Augustus Paynter was buried 38 years later in 1919). At that time, he lived in the Rectory at Lufton with his wife Catherine L. Newman who was then 29 years old.

In July 1881 Rowland succeeded his uncle Joseph Jekyll as Vicar of Hawkridge and Withypool in the wilds of Exmoor in Somerset where he was rector for 37 years. His daughter Violet was born there in 1882. On his death in 1919, his eldest son Roland Alan Webbe Newman took over as incumbent of the parish. [See Priesthood in the 18th and 19th Centuries].

The two photos below of Rowland and his wife Louise Edwards come from Seth Matterson's website at however they bear no resemblance to Rev. Roland Newman and Louise pictured above.

On 7th Dec 2004 John Thomas contacted me with a fascinating story about his illegitimate grandfather, Bertie (Herbert) Thomas whose high-born parents placed him in the care of a washerwoman named Mary Steer of Withypool around 1887. Around 1901, Mary placed his papers into the safekeeping of Rowland Newman, who was then vicar of Hawkridge and Withypool.  Subsequent attempts by failed to trace his parents. John Thomas is Bertie's grandson and is appealing for help in tracing his grandfather's parents, and since the story is so interesting I have posted a special page about it on the off-chance that it reaches someone who knows the answer to the riddle.

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