Rose Laing (née Paynter)
1885 - 1930

 Relationship to me: Great Aunt Gen -2 

Rose Paynter
at Winnie's 1905 wedding

 Born: 17 May 1885  
 Died: 17 Feb 1930  
 Age 44  
 Father:      Henry Paynter 1846 - 1919
 Mother: Henrietta Paynter (née Newman) 1849 - 1914
 Brothers: (elder) Henry Ernest 1869 - 1938
  William 1870 ~ 1890? 
  Fredrick 1872 - ????
  Edwin Coleman 1882 - 1958 
 Sisters:   (elder) Kate 1868 - 1953
  Lilian 1873 - 1958
  Eva 1876 - ???? 
  Winnie 1878 - 1943
  Violet 1883 - ???? 
  (younger) Edith May 1889 - 1982 
  Olive 1893 - ???? 
 Married: Tom Laing
 Children: Jimmie (died young of pneumonia)
  Mollie d. 1983
  Joyce  c.1914
  Olive Iris b. 1915

Outline her Life: From Marion Paynter: Married Tom Laing who ranched in Alberta, Canada. Her daughter Iris now lives near Jum's descendants (Henry Paynter's families) in Okenagan, British Columbia.

Ian Caldwell notes (with corrections by Ron Walker): Rose Paynter (Rosie), born about 1887 and lived in high society when she was a young woman riding in Rotten Row, Hyde Park and living in Park Lane. She was presented at Court as a debutante and had been engaged to some titled man but she pushed him into a pig trough and they broke off their engagement. She was caught kissing Tom Laing behind a curtain at a party and their engagement was then announced. She married Tom Laing and they went to Canada where life was very different. They ran a horse ranch in Alberta (photo right) and Rose had to cook for all the hands. It was not a great success and the horses became ill with a virus. Rose is supposed to have been the first European woman to cross the Rocky Mountains alone, sharing a cabin with a bear that came in to look for food while she was in bed. Rose had four children:

Rose died of diptheria at the age of 44.

The rwo family photos below were supplied by John de Lucy (Dec 2017). Both are believed to include Rose:

Rose (left); Edith or possibly Kate (centre); Vi (right)

Edith (left); Rose (centre); Vi (right)

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