Frederick George Paynter
1872 - 1945

 Relationship to me: Great Uncle Gen -2 


Fredrick George Paynter
photo taken
 Born: 31 Jan 1872  
 Died: 17 Jan 1945  
 Age 72  
 Father:      Henry Paynter
 Mother: Henrietta Paynter (nee Newman)
 Brothers: (elder) Henry Ernest 1869 - 1938
  William 1870 ~ 1888 
  (younger) Edwin Coleman 1882 - c1975
 Sisters:   (elder) Katie 1868 - 1953
  Lilian Jekyll 1873 - 1958
  (younger) Eva 1876 - ???? 
  Winnie 1878 - 1943
  Violet 1883 - ???? 
  Rose 1885 - 1930
  Edith May 1889 - 1982 
  Olive 1893 - c1983 
 Married: Sarah May Stephens m. 1912
 Children: Rachal Mary 1920 - 2019
  Marion Edith Stephanie 1922 - 2012

Outline his Life:

Born in Alnwick, Northumberland.

Engineer, experimenter, entepreneur, ornithologist and poultry farmer; spent time doing research on Farne Island; wrote a book in 1907 called "Poultry Rearing for Profit". Also documented his poultry experiments in a type-written manual written in WW2. More information (from Marion Paynter) to be added later.

Ian Caldwell adds: "Fred, 1872-1945, was interested in poultry. He married May Stephens in 1912. They eventually lived in May's parents home, Downe House, on Richmond Hill which was bought by Mick Jagger in 1991 and is now lived in by his ex-wife, Jerry Hall. Frederick wrote a book called "How to Make Poultry Pay" and invented a device called "The Night Ark" for poultry. They had two children: Rachel and Marion.

From my father's "Reminiscences": "...... experimented with tomato growing in the Freelands greenhouse before tomatoes were generally popular, then with poultry, which prompted a book on the subject".

Photo Left: Fredrick George Paynter, Sarah and her father shortly after their marriage.






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