Edwin Coleman Paynter
1882 - c1974

 Relationship to me: Great Uncle Gen -2 

Edwin Coleman (Jum) and
his sister Edith, in Canada
(from Marion Paynter)



 Born: 1882  
 Died: 22 March 1973 (from Ray Farnsworth)
 Age ~91  
 Father:      Henry Paynter
 Mother: Henrietta Paynter (nee Newman)
 Brothers:  (elder) Henry Ernest 1869 - 1938
  William 1870 ~ 1888
  Fredrick 1872 - ????
 Sisters:   (elder) Katherine 1868 - 1953
  Lilian 1873 - 1958 
  Eva 1876 - ???? 
  Winnie 1878 - 1943
  (younger) Violet 1883 - ???? 
  Rose 1885 - 1930
  Edith May (m. Turner-Wilson)  1889 - 1982 
  Olive 1893 - c.1983 
 Married: Margaret Ludlow ??
 Children: Edwina
  Henry 24/2/1907 - Mar 2005
  John  d. 2004

Outline his Life: Ian Caldwell notes: (Jum) born 1881, married Margaret Ludlow, who was a governess at Freelands. Their eldest daughter is Edwina. Jum fought in the Boer War and then emigrated to Canada. He settled in West Bank, British Colombia and was responsible for water supplies. There is a lake in British Colombia names Paynter Lake after him.

Jum also had a daughter called Jessica who came to England to study nursing. She married Vernon Yewlet and they had a son, George in about 1940. Tragically Vernon was killed while in the airforce down in Cornwall. Jessica married again, to Arthur (Art) Johnson a charming man (according to my grandmother), who was Henry Paynter's partner in fruit farming and built their house. They has a daughter, Judy. George Yewlett married Ruth. They have five children, two of whom are identical twins, one called Daniel is a vet. George died in 2001 at the age of 61. Judy married Tom and they have a daughter, Coleen, who is married and has a child who was manageress of a shop. Judy and her husband now lives with Judy's mother.

Marion Paynter told me (in 2001) that Ernest and Jum trained as lawyers but were made to work for their father for nothing, revolted and "fled to freedom" in Canada. She adds that according to Jum, Henry and Henrietta argued incessently about money - and that suitors visiting the girls had no idea of the parlous state of the family's finances. Henrietta never had enough money for housekeeping or for the entertaining that they did, nor for the charities that she supported.

From my father's "Reminiscences": "Edwin Coleman (Jum): married; lived in a shabby bungalow in Alnmouth; migrated to British Columbia (Canada) where he became a sub-postmaster and grew apples".

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