Paynter Crest and Coat of Arms
Paynter Crest
and Coat of Arms

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A Paynter History (download)
The Paynters of Freelands
19th Century
Francis Paynter of Clarence House

Francis Edward 1841-1909
Charles Paulet 1842-1863
John de Cambourne 1844-1915
Henry Augustus 1846-1919
Thomas Beville 1847-1917
James Bernard 1852-1927

Reginald Hearle 1831-1875
Col. Camborne Haweis 1864-1949
Hugh Haweis 1865 - 1934
18th Century
James Paynter 1748-1800
Charles Paynter
3rd Francis of Boskenna 1716-1775
17th Century
2nd Francis of Boskenna 1676-1762
1st Francis of Boskenna 1639-1724
Cornwall Connections
Paynter Estates and Houses
Information Sources
Mary Davies Paynter's Tree

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