Reginald Hearle Paynter
1831 - 1875

 Relationship to me: 2nd Cousin 3 times removed Gen -3
Born: 1831
Died: 1875
Age 44  
Father:      Thomas 1794 - 1863
Mother: Ann Moody m. 1828 ???? - 1876
Siblings: Camborne Hastings 1836 - 1854
Married:  (1 - not verified) Sarah Ann Clay (see note below)  
  (2) Mary Davies Haweis m. 1858 1837 - 1905
Children: (1 - not verified) Reginald Paynter Paynter (see note below) b. 17 Mar 1851
(2) Col. Camborne Haweis Paynter 1864 - 1949
  Hugh Haweis Paynter 1865 - 1934

Outline his Life: Read Chapter 8 of Boskenna and the Paynters by Jim Hosking

I have a hand-written copy of a Paynter family tree left to me by my father, which appears to have been prepared by Mary Davies Paynter in 1898. It can be viewed by clicking here.

Information about Sarah Clay kindly sent to me by Michelle Moody, 2nd Dec 2008:

It is possible that Reginald Hearle Paynter was previously married to Sarah Ann Clay and that they had a son Reginald Paynter PAYNTER bpt 17 March 1751, St Mary, Marylebone. Michelle found Sarah on the 1851 census under Ann Sarah Paynter, aged 25, born Chatham Kent, officer 's wife artillery. She was a visitor at Restornal House, Lanlivery, Bodmin, with Charles Bruine Graves Sawle 34, a magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant, and his family. This information came from IGI extracted from a local register. However when Michelle subsequently checked the GRO index for a marriage between Reginald H. and Sarah Ann Clay she found nothing. And when she checked the GRO index birth for the son Reginald, she also found nothing. The IGI information is quite possibly erroneous.

Last updated: 2 Dec 2008