Catherine Augusta Paynter (née Coleman)
1811 - 1880

 Relationship to me: Great Great Grandmother Gen -4

Catherine Augusta Paynter
date unknown

 Born: 7th April 1811 at Church Stretton
 Died: 11th September 1880
 Age 69  
 Father:      Thomas Bernard Coleman 1782 - 1818
 Mother: Anne Gregory Stackhouse 1785 - 1862
 Brothers: Edward Bernard 1812 - 1849
 Sisters:   (elder) Mary Anne 20/11/1809 - ??
  (younger) Harriette Emma   
 Married: Francis Paynter June 9, 1840
  Edwin Newman m. 1876
 Children: Francis Edward 1841 - 1909
  Charles Paulet 1842 - 1863
  John de Cambourne 1844 - 1915
  Henry Augustus 1846 - 1919
  Thomas Beville 1847 - 1917  
  William Rouse  1849 - 1860
  James Bernard 1852 - 1927 
  Fredrick Octavius 1854 - 1871 



Three photos believed to be of Catherine Augusta Paynter - dates unknown.
All photos kindly given to me by Ian Caldwell

Catherine was born in the village of Church Stretton in Shropshire (10 miles south of Shrewsbury), where her father was rector until his death in 1818.  Somehow she met and married Francis Paynter from Cornwall, a man much older than herself who had been married previously. It seems she spent her married life living at Clarence House, in Penzance, where she was still living with her three of her sons (Francis E, 30, John de C, 26, and Frederic O, 17) at the time of the 1871 census (seven years after Francis's death). Five years later, she married Edwin Newman and lived at his home in Yeovil until her own death in 1880.

See Ian Caldwell's "Story of Frank Paynter" for further information about Catherine's background.

Notes: (from Ian Caldwell) "Mary Anne Coleman married John Wood of Martock Ashfield, Somerset in 1832. Their son, William Cole Wood, born 1841 inherited Pendarves and changed his name to Pendarves. Their second son, Augustus Wood,(1842-1918), inherited Acton Scott (Shropshire, no more than a few miles from Church Stretton) and changed his name to Augustus Wood Acton. He married Laura Surtees and their daughter, Joyce Stackhouse Wood Acton married Richard Charles Fullerton-Smith (1882-1970), who took the name of Acton in 1941. Their son, Thomas Stackhouse Acton, born 1926, married Lucy Stavely in 1966. They live at Acton Scott Hall, a lovely Elizabethan mansion, and have two sons, Francis Stackhouse Acton (b.1967), married to Alison Ruth Beck; and Rupert Stavely Acton (b.1970). Acton Scott Farm is now run as a Historic Working Farm, open to the public, and still run by the family for the local authority.

(also from Ian Caldwell) Harriette Emma Coleman married the Rev John Norgrave Baker, whose daughter Harriet Emma Baker (Fanny) married her first cousin Rev Beville Paynter (brother of Henry Augustus Paynter)

(from Helen Proctor, 12th Dec 2002): "Edward Bernard Coleman was my gt. grandfather. He married Louisa Elizabeth Jane Proctor, dau. of Lieut. .Gen.. Henry Adolphus Proctor of Aberhafesp Hall, Montgomeryshire. They had one son, Edward Bernard Coleman who in accordance with his grandfather's will had to change his name to Proctor when he inheritrd Aberhafesp. His first wife died and in 1891 he married my grandmother, Helen Mary Elizabeth Dixon, dau. of the rector. My father, Cecil Waring Proctor, was the second of their five children and was the last Proctor to be born at the Hall before it was sold. He was married in Georgia (then U.S.S.R.) to my mother, Olga Mikhailovna Chipadze in 1921. He brought her home to Wales and I, Helen Tamara, am the eldest of their three children. I have a sister, Margaret, and a brother, James. We are in touch with the Acton Scott branch of the family."

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