Dinah Mompesson (née Wyndham)
1635 - 1658

Relationship to me: unrelated  
Born 1635  
Died 7 Apr 1658  
Age 23  
Father:      Sir Hugh Wyndham 1603-1663
Mother: Mary Alanson
Married: Thomas Mompesson of Corton Brewham Co. Som. Toff. (see below) m. 1660
Children: Dyna/Dinah, married to Sir William Walrond  
  Mary, married to Christopher Mayne  
  Martha, married to (1) Samuel Foote and (2) Robert Burridge  
Eleanor (m. Francis Holles Newman) 1662 - c1741
  Florence, married to Nicholas Carwithen  

It had been handed down from earlier generations of Newmans that the Wyndhams were part of our ancestry through Thomas Mompesson's marriage to Dinah Wyndham. However in Oct 2020, Gay Brennan and David Garway-Heath combined to demolish that connection by advising that: "Dinah Wyndham, wife of Thomas Mompesson, died on 7 April 1658 and was buried at Boyton, Wiltshire, a week later on 14 April. Eleanor Mompesson was born about 1662 and was baptised on 31 July 1662 at Boyton, so her mother must have been Florence Walrond. One authority states that she was younger than her sister, Florence Mompesson, so Thomas Mompesson and Florence Walrond must have married around 1659-60.

David Garway-Heath went on to cite the following evidence:

  1. A National Archive record dated 1659 refers to a "Deed relating to the capital messuage, Barton farm and demesne called Corton als. Corington Farm, with appurtenances in Corton and Boyton, settlement in the marriage of Thomas Mompesson with Florence, daughter of William Drewe." Florence was actually the widow of William Drewe, but this gives us an idea of the date of marriage.
  2. A second National Archive record dated 9th May 1660: "Orator and Oratrix Thomas Mompesson of Wells in the County of Somerset Esq & Florence his wife, late wife & executrix of the last will & Testament of William Drewe Esq Deceased, who was the sonne and heire of Sir Thomas Drewe knight alsoe deceased." Again, this confirms that Thomas Mompesson and Florence Walrond/Drewe were married by 1660.

Notwithstanding, the Wyndham's pages have been retained on this website both for completeness and for their historical value given that the Wyndham connection was first made in Victorian times or perhaps earlier - see the NFT-Tree page.

The following notes from Jerry Gandolfo dating back to the early 2000s have been superseded by Gay's information::

Dinah Wyndham listed as Daughter and co-heir to Sir Hugh Wyndham as per the notes of: Harold Ernest Montague Newman. The Sims-Baron Report: (Ann & Allan Griffith), lists Dinah Wyndham: born about 1635, probably England; married Thomas Mompesson, 1660. Other sources omit any mention of Dinah Wyndham and list only two other daughters of Sir Hugh Wyndham and Mary Alanson. Tony Newman, (shipshaper@hotmail.com), in Ancestry.Com list her as Eleanor Windham, daughter of Sir Hugh Mompesson and Ellinor Mompesson. He also lists 1660 Eleanor Windham married to Thomas Mompesson, Brewhan, Somerset.
Notes: Dinah Wyndham found in World Family Tree Volume 19, Tree 1508: General location: England, ... Date: 1630-1639 [Genealogy.com]

Sources: Hand-written notes from an unknown source passed down from Harold Ernest Montague Newman
Sims-Baron Report: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/g/r/i/Allan-Griffith/COL3-0001.html?Welcome=1026423678
Ann & Allan Griffith, # 1 Jodi Lane, Bloomington, IL 61701, 309-829-2063. magrif@gte.net
Tony Newman: shipshaper@hotmail.com

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