Dinah Mompesson (née Wyndham)
1635 - ????

Relationship to me: Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother Gen -9
Born 1635  
Died ????  
Age ??  
Father:      Sir Hugh Wyndham 1629 - ????
Mother: Mary Alanson
Married: Thomas Mompesson of Corton Brewham Co. Som. Toff. (see below) m. 1660
Children: Dyna/Dinah, married to Sir William Walrond  
  Mary, married to Christopher Mayne  
  Martha, married to (1) Samuel Foote and (2) Robert Burridge  
Eleanor (m. Francis Holles Newman) 1662 - c1741
  Florence, married to Nicholas Carwithen  

Notes from Jerry Gandolfo:

Dinah Wyndham listed as Daughter and co-heir to Sir Hugh Wyndham as per the notes of: Harold Ernest Montague Newman. The Sims-Baron Report: (Ann & Allan Griffith), lists Dinah Wyndham: born about 1635, probably England; married Thomas Mompesson, 1660. Other sources omit any mention of Dinah Wyndham and list only two other daughters of Sir Hugh Wyndham and Mary Alanson. Tony Newman, (shipshaper@hotmail.com), in Ancestry.Com list her as Eleanor Windham, daughter of Sir Hugh Mompesson and Ellinor Mompesson. He also lists 1660 Eleanor Windham married to Thomas Mompesson, Brewhan, Somerset.
Notes: Dinah Wyndham found in World Family Tree Volume 19, Tree 1508: General location: England, ... Date: 1630-1639 [Genealogy.com]

Sources: Hand-written notes from an unknown source passed down from Harold Ernest Montague Newman
Sims-Baron Report: http://familytreemaker.genealogy.com/users/g/r/i/Allan-Griffith/COL3-0001.html?Welcome=1026423678
Ann & Allan Griffith, # 1 Jodi Lane, Bloomington, IL 61701, 309-829-2063. magrif@gte.net
Tony Newman: shipshaper@hotmail.com

Thomas Mompesson of Brewham, Esq:
Born: 1629 at Corton, Boynton Parish, Wiltshire, England
Died: Bath, England
Father: Unknown
Mother: Unknown
Married: Dinah Wyndham, 1660. (Eleanor Windham - Tony Newman),
Children: Eleanor (Ellinor) Mompesson
Note: Mompesson Coat of Arms: Or, on a mullet sable a pigeon argent-- Argent, three pigeons azure.

Source: Sims-Baron Report: Ann & Allan Griffith, magrif@gte.net
Tony Newman: shipshaper@hotmail.com
Charles Toler: tolercr@mindspring.com

According to David Garway-Heath (22nd May 2012), "by 1680 Thomas Mompesson was married to Florence Walrond", presumably after Dinah's death. He further noted that: "As Eleanor, wife of Francis Hollis Newman, was born in 1662, she is very likely the daughter of Dinah Wyndham (rather than Florence Waldron), but, to be sure, we need a death date for Dinah or marriage date for Florence."

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