Eleanor Newman (née Mompesson)
1662 - c1741

Relationship to me: Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother Gen -8
Born 31 July 1662, Boyton, Somerset, England  
Died c1730  
Age ~68  
Father:      Thomas Mompesson 1629 - ????
Mother: Florence Walrond - (see note 2 on Thomas's page)  
Sisters: Florence, married to Nicholas Carwithen (may have been older than Eleanor)
Married: Francis Holles Newman (m. 18 March 1689) 1670 or 71 - 1714
Children: Francis Newman of North Cadbury (died without issue) 1691 - 1768
  Thomas Newman of Colefoot, Gloucestershire (cleric) 1692 - >Nov 1742
  Richard Newman of North Cadbury and Horsington, Somerset 1693 - >1742 
  Charles Newman 1694/5 - 1734 
  Henry Mompesson Newman 1696 - 1725
  John Newman of Kingston Juxta Yeovil 1697 - ??
  William Newman   1700 - 1722
  Eleanor married John Bailey of Rector of South Cadbury in 1742 1703 - 1782
  Anne m. Rev Walter Burton, Rector of Sutton Montis  1706 - 1776

Eleanor Mompesson was daughter and co-heir of Thomas Mompesson Esq. of Brewham. Her handwritten notes feature in the fly-leaf of the Newman-Rogers' Bible, in which she lists the names, dates and times of birth of her nine children. These dates have been recorded above, some of which required correction of earlier information. Most significantly, she records having only one son by the name of Thomas, born in 1693, and since Thomas Newman is recorded in Chancery Proceedings C 11/625/31 dated 23 Nov 1742, I deduce that my previous information about a baby Thomas born in 1692 dying in infancy must have been wrong. Similarly Richard Newman of Horsington is also recorded in the same Proceedings, so I have placed his date of death as being after 1742. Eleanor must have been a very fortunate lady or a very good mother, since it must have been very unusual for so many children in one family to survive childhood. Notwithstanding, at least three of her children predeceased her.

Notes from Jerry Gandolfo: Eleanor Mompesson found in World Family Tree Volume 19, Tree 1508: General location: England, Date: 1660-1669 [Genealogy.com]
Source: Sims-Baron Report
+/- Ellinor Mompesson:
Born: Unknown
Died: Unknown
Father: Thomas Mompesson, Esquire
Mother: Eleanor Windham
Married: Francis Holles Newman, January 8, 1671 in Fifehead Magdalen

From Susan Moore (researcher): Eleanor Mompesson - between 1740 and 1742, exor (executor?) of son Charles.

Last updated: 14th Oct 2020: Discovery through Gay Brennan that Eleanor's mother was Florence Walrond and not Dinah Wyndham.
Last updated: 12th June 2005: Note added about Eleanor's entries in the Newman-Rogers Bible plus some corrections that derive therefrom.