Jerry Gandolfo
???? - living

 Relationship to me: Fifth cousin once removed Gen +1
 Born ????  
 Died living  
 Father:      Charles Bradley Gandolfo
 Mother: Ynola Lucille Massicot
 Brothers: ???
 Sisters: ????
 Married: ????
 Children: ????

Jerry Gandolfo has been the source of much of my information about the Newman descendents in the USA, and who first alerted me to the existence of American descendents of Francis Newman. He tells me that "there are related Newmans all over the USA (especially Maryland, Louisuana, Alabama and Ohio). Ironically, just like our ancestors, most are lawyers, doctors, clergy or army officers (I fit into the latter category). I have extensive information on the family including photos of the family plantations here in Louisiana (Kenilworth), in Maryland (LaGrange) and Alabama (Oaklawn). I would love to fill you in on your “lost” cousins. I also know many other Newmans in the US who would love to see your web site and get to know you. My email address is" Jerry has since set up a Newman discussion group at