Newman Pedigree from an Unknown Source

Note added 14 Oct 2020: Gay Brennan reported that Dinah née Wyndham was not the mother of Eleanor Mompesson, thereby severing the "royal link" described below. This leaves a leaving a less direct link through Harold Ernest Montague Newman via his mother, the Paynters and Colemans.

I believe that the pedigree below was drawn up by my grandmother Lilian (née Paynter) or my grandfather Walter in the first half of the 20th century, since their children's names appear at the bottom, with later additions inserted below them. However I'm not aware that my grandparents were a family researcher, so it's entirely possible that the information relating to Dinah and her Wyndham ancestors was assembled in Victorian times when discovering royal connections had some social importance.

This hand-drawn document came to me with other documents that I inherited from my father. Jerry Gandolfo has kindly researched the lineage and reports that it appears to be largely correct, apart from one missing link (Edmund Wyndham). I have used Jerry's reconstruction of this tree to collate the pages from King Henry III to Eleanor Newmman (nee Mompesson), wife of Francis Holles Newman. Without Jerry's assistance, I doubt that the job would have been done!