Anne Toll (née Newman)
c1678 - ????

 Relationship to me: First Cousin 7 Times Removed Gen -7
Born c1678 (see note 4 below)  
Died ????  
Age ??  
Father:      Richard Newman of Evercreech Park 1651 - 1683
Mother: Grace Edmunds
Brothers: Sir Richard Newman of Fifehead 1675 - 1721
Sisters: (younger) Barbara
Married: Ashburnham Toll of Greywell, Hants (see note 5) m. 1696 (see note 4)
Children: Edmund Toll c.1698 - 1774
  Ashburnham Toll c.1700 - 1771
  Charles (d.s.p.).
  Frederick (d.s.p.)


1. Anne's name is not definitively known and it is possible that her name may have been Anne, Ann or perhaps Anna. Ken Toll has written (see email dated 13th June 2004) to say:

"Anna Christiana may be a Latinization of Ann Christine or Anne Christina. The IGI has her as Ann NEWMAN, married Ashburnham TOLL in 1696. It appears to be taken from a transcript of St Margaret, Westminster. There are 3 other Newman marriages there 1695-1699. I believe my original information came from 2 separate documents deposited in the Society of Genealogists Library in London.I have checked them for dates & relationships against the cited sources (mainly wills), but have not specifically checked forename spelling."

My father quotes her name as Anna as does John Hutchin's 1870 "History of Dorset", and I imagine it's quite possible that my father's information came from the same source perhaps via Rev. Grosvenor Bartelot. Anyway, I have adopted the spelling "Anne" since this is the spelling that appears in Raymond Mercier's transcription of Richard Newman's Will. It is also the spelling used in three of the other five references to her that I have including those coming from Ian Caldwell, Jerry Gandolfo and Geoff Newman (a descendant of Anne Newman and Ashburnham Toll). Di Clements also quotes from Richard's will and refers to his daughter as Anne.

2. Campbell Newman's website makes some interesting comments about Anne and her descendants (though I cannot vouch for them):

"Anne Newman, eldest child of Richard Newman of Evercreech and Grace née EDMONDS, was senior granddaughter of Colonel Richard Newman cavalier of Westminster (see above). She married Ashhburnham TOLL of Greywell, co. Somerset. Several generations of a junior Toll branch went by the names 'NEWMAN-TOLL' and 'ASHBURNHAM- NEWMAN- TOLL' before changing this name by deed poll to 'GOODENOUGH'. The Newmans of Farnham Hall (57), 25 kms west of Evercreech in Nth.Dorset, were descendants of the senior Toll branch. This was evidently a large family, and a number of these, now represented by the 'BARTLETT' family, emigrated to Canada at an early date, leaving Farnham Hall to the present line which continued there, in considerable prosperity, for several generations. One of these was Elizabeth, daughter of William Newman (fl. 1800) of Farnham Hall. Her descendants were the 'KETTLES' of Sussex and Ross-on-Wye (58)."

John Hutchin's History of Dorset (p57) (which gives Anne's name as Anna), tells a slightly differeing story, showing her second son Ashburnham marrying Mary daughter of Colonel Geary, and producing three sons: Rev Ashburnham Philip Toll, Richard Newman Toll and Charles Toll. It goes on to show Charles marrying Elizabeth Langham and having a son James Toll Newman.

3. In July 2002 I received an email from Raymond Mercier of St. Ives, Cambridgeshire, UK, telling me that he descends from a branch that goes back to Richard Newman Toll (presumably second son of Ashburnham Toll). Raymond goes on to say "His son Ashburham Cecil Newman emigrated to Montreal in 1831, and his grandson Cecil Charles Newman was the father of my mother Beryl Newman. Although Cecil, and his cousin Cecil Platt Newman, were born in the States, they both lived most of their lives in Montreal, where I was born. I will try to send you more details when I am clearer about them".

4. This date comes from Ken Toll (email dated 13th June 2004) who wrote:

"I believe she was approx 18 when she married in 1696. I have put this info on the Pedigree, but failed to note the source. (I would not normally put a 'guestimate' on a pedigree - so it came from somewhere). If true, she was born about 1678.  I have her as 'of St Margaret, Westminster' at her marriage, wheras I believe Ashburnaham was 'of St James, Westminster'. St Margaret's Church is between Westminster Abbey and the Palace of Westminster (ie houses of parliament). Clearly an 'up-market' place to marry.

Interestingly, the IGI gives an Ann NEWMAN, baptised 5 March 1677 at St Margret Westminster, daughter of John NEWMAN and Alice.

As Richard NEWMAN married Grace EDMONDS in 1675 at Preston Deanery (Northampton), one would expect a child in a year or so.
A Richard NEWMAN was baptised 31 Aug 1676 (according to IGI) at Preston Deanery. Seems a likely first Child.

There are 4 odd entries in the IGI, 2 are Ann NEWMAN, dau of Richard NEWMAN & Grace EDMONDS, born about 1678, Fifehead, Doeset. The other 2 are Ann NEWMAN, dau of Richard NEWMAN & Grace EDMONDS, born about 1681, Evercreech, Somerset. Clearly at least 2 are incorrect. All are entries from LDS members, so may be worth following up."

5. Ken Toll advises that the spelling is Greywell not Graywell as I previously had it. Greywell is in Hampshire, a few miles east of Basingstoke.

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