Edmund Toll
c1698 - 1774

 Relationship to me: Second Cousin 6 Times Removed Gen -6
Born c.1698 (parents married 1696)  
Died 1774 (from Burke's Commoners p112)  
Age over 70  
Father:      Ashburnham Toll  
Mother: Anne Toll (née Newman) 1678 - ????
Brothers: Ashburnham Toll c.1700 -.1771
  Charles (from Burke's Commoners p112)  
  Frederick (from Burke's Commoners p112)  
Sisters: none recorded  
Married: probably the Mary Toll mentioned in Frances Newman's will.  
Children: Ashburnham Newman Toll d. unmarried d. 5 Jan 1800
  Mary m. John Bulley of Reading, surgeon (from Burke's Commoners p112)  
  Jane m. John Aldridge of Lincoln's Inn, gent (from Burke's Commoners p112)  

Note: Edmund's name does not appear in either: John Hutchin's History of Dorset or in Geoff Newman's "Family History of Ashburnham Cecil Newman. However Mary Bulley is mentioned in Frances Newman's will being the recipient of the dividends and interest from a £500 trust fund, to be "at her own sole and separate disposal .... for her own sole and separate use and benefit without being subject or liable to the power control debts or engagements of her present or any future Husband", these payments to be ongoing and shared between her offspring after her death. Likewise Edmund's son Ashburnham and his descendants were to receive the dividends and interest from a trust fund of £4000.

According to Burke's Commoners p112 Frederick Toll was the father of Rev. John Toll of Kings Clear who married but died without issue.

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