General Sir Andrew Symthe Montague Browne
c.1830 - >1905

 Relationship to me: Great Great Uncle Gen -3 

Photo to be added if one can be found
 Born: c.1840  
 Died: after 1905  
 Age ??  
 Father:      Peter Rutledge Montague Browne 1796 - 1864
 Mother: Mary Jane Smythe ???? - ????
 Brothers: William Henry Seymour 1839 - ????
 Sisters:   (younger) Mary 1834 - ????
  Belinda  1838 - ????
  Emma (m. Walter Newman) 1841 - 1930
 Married: Alice Ferguson ???? - >1905
 Children: Margaret Violet Mary (Vi) 1873 - ???? 

Frances Belinda (Tan)

1875 - 1958
  Alexander Ferguson (Alec) - b. Brighton; died in South Africa 1876 - ????
  Andrew Duncan b. Brighton 1878 - 1969
  Alice Charlotte Helen b: Caher, Tipperary 1878 - ????
  Eileen (Eily) b: Co. Cork m. Octavius Henry Lothian Nicholson c1882 - ????
  Evelyn Douglas (Evie) b: Edinburgh Tiphams in Ockley m. Bertram Lothian Nicholson 1883 - 1964

Andrew and his sisters Mary and Belinda are mentioned in a letter dated March 1855 from a Geo. H. Young to Andrew's other sister Emma. Andrew is described as having just been promoted to the rank of Captain, implying that he may have been 25 years old or more. Based on this, it is surmised that he was born c.1830. However given that the Crimean War was then in full swing, it is quite possible that he was promoted at a younger age.

In his memoirs, my father H.E.M. Newman "well remember my Grandma's brother, General Andrew (one time of the Scots Greys) and his wife Alice (née Ferguson) the possessor of a clear soprano voice". Based on this, it is surmised that both were still alive c.1905. Andrew is also mentioned in Edwin Newman's will as "a trustee named in the marriage settlement of my said son Walter Newman" to whom the sum of four thousand pounds was covenanted to be paid. It is from this document that his middle name Smythe is sourced.

The two photos below of Andrew's family came to me from my father:

from a photo in my possession

Vi and Tan Montague Browne
from a photo in my possession

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