Eileen Nicholson (née Montague Browne)
c.1882 - ????

 Relationship to me: First cousin twice removed Gen -2

Eileen Montague Browne c1907
See newspaper cuttings below

 Born: c.1882  
 Died: ????  
 Age ??  
 Father:      Gen Sir Andrew Montague Browne c.1830 - >1905
 Mother: Alice ???? - >1905
 Brothers: (elder) Alexander Ferguson (Alec) - b. Brighton; died in South Africa 1876 - ????
  Andrew Duncan 1878 - 1969
 Sisters:   (elder) Margaret Violet Mary (Vi) 1873 - ???? 
  Frances Belinda (Tan) 1875 - 1958
  Alice Charlotte Helen b: Caher, Tipperary 1878 - ????
  Evelyn Douglas (Evie) b: Edinburgh Tiphams in Ockley m. Bertram Lothian Nicholson 1883 - 1964
 Married: Captain Octavius Lothian Nicholson D.S.O - m.. 1911 1877 - 1938
 Children: Mary E. c.1912 - ????

Eileen and her sister Evie married two brothers, Octavius and Bertram Nicholson - two of seven brothers all of whom seem to have reached eminent status in engineering, legal, naval and military careers, Octavius reaching the rank of General in the army. See also the National Portrait Gallery website.

The cutting below is evidence that Eileen and Octavius had a daughter, Mary E, who accompanied them on their return from India in 1933. The cutting comes from Ancestry.com, with thanks to Iain Fraser who reports that Mary was 21 at the time.

Updated 8 May 2020 - info about daughter Mary E. added.
Updated 2 May 2020 - info about Octavius Nicholson added.