Andrew Duncan Montague Browne
1878 - 1969

 Relationship to me: First cousin twice removed Gen -2

See childhood photo on his father's page
 Born: 1878  
 Died: 1969  
 Age 91  
 Father:      Sir Andrew Montague Browne c.1830 - >1905
 Mother: Alice ???? - >1905
 Brothers: (elder) Alexander Ferguson (Alec) - b. Brighton; died in South Africa 1876 - ????
 Sisters:   (elder) Margaret Violet Mary (Vi) 1873 - ???? 
  Frances Belinda (Tan) 1875 - 1958
  Alice Charlotte Helen b: Caher, Tipperary 1878 - ????
  Eileen (Eily) b: Co. Cork m. Octavius Henry Lothian Nicholson c1882 - ????
  Evelyn Douglas (Evie) b: Edinburgh Tiphams in Ockley m. Bertram Lothian Nicholson 1883 - 1964
 Married: Violet Evelyn née Downes 1883 – 1969
 Children: Mary Jeanne 1919 - living
  Anthony 1923 - 2013

My father mentions Andrew M-B in his memoirs, saying that: "Andrew, my father's first cousin and an officer of the King's Own Royal Lancaster Regiment, came quite often after his return from South Africa (he frequented Tattersals on the look-out for hunters), and continued his visits into our Northwood days until, in the middle of WW1 he married a divorcee, whereupon my mother's severe moral protests drove him from setting foot in our house again. This did not stop my meeting them henceforward to the end of their respective lives, at most of their several residences in the U.K."

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