Francis Newman of North Cadbury
1691 - 1768

 Relationship to me: Great Great Great Great Great Great Uncle Gen -7
Born 1691  
Died 1768 b. North Cadbury 13th April 1768  
Age 77  
Father:      Francis Holles Newman 1671 - 1714
Mother: Eleanor Mompesson 1662 - c1741
Brothers: (younger) Thomas Newman of Colefoot, Gloucestershire (cleric) 1692 - >Nov 1742
  Richard Newman of North Cadbury and Horsington, Somerset  1693 - >1742  
  Charles 1694 - 1734
  Henry Mompesson Newman 1696 - 1725
  John Newman of Kingston Juxta Yeovil 1699 - 1704 
  William Newman  1700 - 1722
Sisters: Eleanor married John Bailey of South Cadbury 1703 - 1782
  Anne m. Rev Walter Burton, Rector of Sutton Montague, Somerset 1706 - 1776
Married: Dorothy Gifford m. Aug 29 1716 in Horsington (see note below) d. Aug 20 1754 in North Cadbury d. 1754
Children: None

Notes : Date of Francis's marriage to Dorothy Gifford comes from the International Genealogical Index (1992) for Somerset - refer IGI.doc from Susan Moore.

Francis Newman of North Cadbury was born in 1691 (or possibly 1693). He attended Queen's College Oxford from March 29, 1709, and was appointed, Sheriff of Somerset in 1738 [from Cliff Ranson] and 1745 [see ref No DD\DP/73/4]. He died without issue and was buried in North Cadbury in April 1768.

Francis's Will

A summary of Francis's will has been prepared by Susan Moore, a copy of which can be downloaded in PDF format here. A scanned copy of the original codicil, drafted in May and witnessed in August 1767, can be seen by clicking here.

Susan Moore's summary of Francis's will shows that special bequests were made to Francis's relatives as follows:

A codicil to the Will dated 13 Aug 1767 states that "All lands in the parishes of Horsington, Castle Cary, Lydford, Hornblotten and Lovington co. Somerset which descended to me upon the death of and as heir to my late nephew Richard Newman of Horsington, to be sold by the trustees for the best price, to speed up payment of legacies". [Note - this Richard of Horsington was the son of Francis's brother, also referred to as Richard of Horsington. The implication is that Richard, the son, died in 1767 shortly before the codicil was written.]

An undated newspaper cutting from the Bath Chronicle can be found in the Somerset Records Office advertising the sale of parcels of land, two in the parish of Castlecary and one in the parish of Horsington, from the estate of Francis Newman "late of North Cadbury". Based on other articles in the same paper, the Somerset Records Office has estimated the date of the sale notification as September 1776, some eight years after Francis's death. If this date is correct, then Francis's expectation that the sale would speed up the payment of legacies must have been a forelorn one.

Note: According to Phelps (1861): "The Manor and estate descended from father to son to Francis Newman, Esq. who died 1768 without issue, and by his will entailed the Manors of North and South Cadbury on Francis and Henry, the two sons of his brother Henry and their male issue in succession". In fact, Phelps was wrong since Francis left his estates in Cadbury, Sparkford and Queens Camel to his nephew Francis Newman, son of his brother Charles.

Francis's wife, Dorothy's, will.

A scanned copy of Francis's wife Dorothy's will, dated 1752, can be found by clicking here and an outline transcription of it by Susan Moore can be found here. Points of interest in the will are as follows:

Other references to Francis Newman

Francis's name appears as a defendant in the Chancery Proceedings 23rd November 1742.

Campbell Newman's website makes the following reference to Francis:

"Francis [II] Newman, 2nd of Nth.Cadbury, born 5th May 1691, succeeded his father, and was created High Sheriff for Somerset in 1738 and 1744. He married Dorothy GIFFARD of Boreham, Wiltshire, but died without issue, buried at Nth.Cadbury, 26th August 1754. In 1747 he had inherited the investiture of Sparkford from his cousin Sir Samwell Newman."

An obscure reference to a Francis Newman of North Cadbury appears in Bibliotheca somersetensis: a catalogue of books, pamphlets, single sheets page 108 quoting from a collection of miscellany letters selected out of Mist's Weekly Journal, dedicated to Francis Newman of North Cadbury, esquire, "one who is free from every folly and impertinence of fops, coquets, prudes, pedants, and coxcombs of all sorts." Vol 3 12mo 1727. This description can only apply to this Francis Newman of North Cadbury, since his father Francis was dead in 1727 and his nephew Francis was still a boy.

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