Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk
1366 - 1400

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Born 1366  
Died 1400  
Age 34  
Father:      John Mowbray, Lord Mowbray 4th d. 1368
Mother: Baroness Elizabeth Seagrave 1338 - c1368
Married: (1) Elizabeth Strange, March 15, 1382
  (2) Elizabeth D'Arundelle Fitzalan, m. 1384 1366 - 1425
Children:  (2) Margaret de Mowbray (eldest daughter and co-heir) 1387 - 1425
  Elizabeth Mowbray
  Isabel Mowbray  

In Oct 2020, Gay Brennan established that the Wyndhams are not ancestors of the Newmans as used to be thought. See note on Dinah Wyndam's page.

Ealier notes from Jerry Gandolfo:

Thomas Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk: Acceded: September 29, 1397. Lord Segrave, Earl of Nottingham, Lord Mowbray 6th.
The two daughters eventually became the two co-heirs of the Dukedom of Norfolk. The Complete Peerage conflicts with itself on which was the elder daughter. Under Ferrers Vol.V, p357 it says that Isabel was the eldest, but under Norfolk Vol. IX, page.610 note c it says that Margaret was probably older as her son inherited the title.

Sources: Hand-written notes from an unknown source passed down from Harold Ernest Montague Newman

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