Sir John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk
1421 - 1485

Relationship to me: unrelated  
Born 1421  
Died 1485 (killed at Battle of Bosworth - see story below)  
Age 64  
Father:      Sir Robert Howard 1385 - ????
Mother: Margaret de Mowbray 1387 - 1425
Married: (1) Catherine (Katherine) Moulines (see below) 1424 - 1452
  (2) Margaret Chedworth  m. Before January 22, 1467  
Children:  Margaret Lady Howard
  Thomas Howard, Earl of Surrey (see story below) 1443-1524
  Anne Howard  
  Isobel Howard   

In Oct 2020, Gay Brennan established that the Wyndhams are not ancestors of the Newmans as used to be thought. See note on Dinah Wyndam's page.

Earlier notes from Jerry Gandolfo:

Sir John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk:
Acceded: June 28, 1483, Note: Earl Marshall of England. Attainted by Parliament 7 Nov 1485.
Created first duke of the Howard line in 1483.

Catherine (Katherine) Moulines (or Moleyns) Duchess of Norfolk:
Born: about 1424 Stoke Pogis,Buckinghamshire,England
Died: 1452 or November 3, 1465
Father: William Lord Moleyns (Moulines), (born St Stephen's, London, Middlesex, England January 7,
1377 or 1378; died 1425 in England, married to Margery Whalesborough)
Mother: Margery Whalesborough, Baroness Moleyn, (born about 1381 London, Middlesex, England, died March 26, 1439 at Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire, England)
Married: Sir John Howard, 1st Duke of Norfolk
Children: Margaret Lady Howard, Thomas Howard Earl of Surrey (1443-1524);Anne Howard; and
Isabel Howard

Sources: Hand-written notes from an unknown source passed down from Harold Ernest Montague Newman
Website: [supports]

Richard III and the Battle of Bosworth: The Mowbray Duke of Norfolk had died leaving his estates to his only heir, a little girl. She died shortly afterward and the huge Mowbray estates were split up. One of King Richard's first acts was to raise his friend Lord John Howard to the vacant titles of Duke of Norfolk and Earl Marshall (although currently the Earl Marshall is chiefly concerned with royal ceremonies, back then it was a military rank, The Earl Marshall commanded the soldiers of the King's Household). The new Duke of Norfolk's son and heir was created Earl of Surrey.

John Howard was born in about 1421 and succeeded to the Howard estates at age 18. He was a soldier and spent most of his life in active duty. He supported the House of York during the War of the Roses and fought bravely at the Battle of Towton, a major Yorkist victory, that resulted in Edward IV being crowned King. John Howard's influence grew at court and he became a friend of Richard, Duke of Gloucester, the future King Richard III. In 1483 King Edward IV died at age 41 leaving the crown to the eldest of his two sons, both only young children. Richard, Duke of Gloucester became Lord Protector for his nephew. The young King Edward V and his brother disappeared into the Tower of London and were never seen outside its walls again. Richard of Gloucester was crowned King Richard III. (There is one story that says John Howard may have had a hand in the murder of the 2 boys) .

In August 1485 Henry Tudor landed in Wales, gathered an army and began to assert his claim to the throne. His claim wasn't all that great, but then King Richard obtained the crown under suspicious circumstances. The battle lines were drawn. The Lancastrian supporters backed Henry Tudor. The Duke of Norfolk lead the support for the king. At the battle of Bosworth the Duke of Norfolk, then over 60, led the king's troops and fought valiantly but was killed. Seeing his father fall, the Earl of Surrey charged, was quickly surrounded and taken prisoner. King Richard III also was killed and Henry Tudor became King Henry VII. The Howard estates were confiscated by act of Parliament and the Earl of Surrey was imprisoned and in danger of being executed as a traitor.

The Duke of Norfolk: is the premier Duke, the title having been conferred on Sir John Howard in 1483 by his friend King Richard III. The Dukedom carries with it (since 1672) the hereditary office of Earl Marshal of England. This means that the Duke is in charge of state ceremonial such as the coronation and funeral of the sovereign and such occasions as the sovereign declares shall be a state occasion, e.g. the investiture of HRH The Prince of Wales and the funeral of Sir Winston Churchill. Visitors often ask about the relationship of the English sovereign to the Dukes of Norfolk: they share a common ancestor in King Edward I (1239-1307) and also King Edward III (1312-1377). As Earl Marshal, the Duke is head of the College of Arms, founded in 1484, the official authority on heraldry and genealogy in England and Wales. We are unable to undertake genealogical research but if you are interested in heraldry and genealogy you might like to visit the College of Arms' web site:

Sir William Howard: The first recorded ancestor in the Howard line was Sir William Howard who came from East Winch in West Norfolk and was a Lawyer. King Edward I elevated him to Chief Justice of the Court of Common Pleas. He died in 1308. Website:

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