Robert Newman of Salisbury
c.1402* - 1457

 Relationship to me: Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather Gen -17
Born c.1402* (estimated)  
Died 1457  
Age ??  
Father:      Robert Newman of St Thomas's Salisbury c.1370* - 1402
Mother: ????
Brothers John Newman (see Everett Pedigree) c1400 - 1457
Simon Newman (see Everett Pedigree) c.1406 - ????
Married: Alice (see notes below and Everett Pedigree)  
Children: John Newman of Salisbury c.1445* - 1529

* I have estimated the birth dates for each generation between Robert Newman of St. Thomas's, Salisbury (c.1370-1402) and Thomas Newman of Fifehead (c.1560-1649) based on the assumption that each was at least 20 years old when they had their eldest child. Such a short generation time implies that there may be too many generations listed in the pedegree. Jaynie Ballard's tree suggests that this is the case since it omits Robert Newman of Stour Provost and St Augustin's Abbey which results in her generation gaps appearing less problematic.


A letter from C.R. Everett to Rev. Grosvenor Bartelot says: "The next generation is unidentified (viz Pedigree): it, however, is represented by Robert Newman's father of whom nothing is known to me." Mr Everett also suggests that it was a John Newman of Salisbury who died in 1402, which throws further doubt on the links shown here. However, one has to remember that the records handed down to me about these early Newmans is credited as coming from Rev. Grosvenor Bartelot, so it is equally possible that Everett's information was wrong and Bartelot right.

Everett's letter goes on to say: "The aforesaid Robert Newman died in 1457: his Will enables three generations to be identified. In it he specifically leaves the Grave tenement(?) to his son John, (this according to the list of Bishops records(?) in 1455 (W. Mag Vol 97) were, in that year, in the possession of Sir John Lisle, who paid his quit rent. Apparently the property changed hands between 1455 and 1457!)"

Everett's Pedigree adds the following information relating to Robert Newman: "Robert Newman of Sarum, Mercer [= Alice]. Will P.C.C. 1457 Executors Wm Harding and Wm Newman (Chaplain). Last named mentioned in Ghany Pro(?) 36 Henry VI (C1 26/373) Left 'Grave' etc to son John" [Note: Mercer = textiles or dry goods merchant]

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