Robert Newman of Stour Provost
and St Augustin's Abbey

c.1494* - 1558

 Relationship to me: Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather Gen -14
Born c.1494*  
Died 1558  
Age ??  
Father:      Robert Newman of Sturminster Newton c.1472* - 1528
Mother: Agnes d. after 1558
Brothers/Sisters: Agnes
Married: Alice
Children: Robert Newman of Fifehead Magdalen c.1516* - 1556

* I have estimated the birth dates for each generation between Robert Newman of St. Thomas's, Salisbury (c.1370-1402) and Thomas Newman of Fifehead (c.1560-1649) based on the assumption that each was at least 20 years old when they had their eldest child. Such a short generation time implies that there may be too many generations listed in the pedegree. Jaynie Ballard's tree suggests that this is the case since it omits this Robert Newman of Stour Provost and St Augustin's Abbey which results in her generation gaps appearing less problematic.

Notes: In the 15th Century, St Austyn's Abbey, Bristol owned Fifehead Manor. Robert's son Robert took out a lease on the manorial estate which was later purchased by Richard Newman (d.1695). Fifehead was the Newman home for about 200 years until the death of Frances Newman in 1775. [See separate page on Abbey Leases.]

The Newman connection with Fifehead goes back even further, to John Newman, brother of Robert Newman of St Thomas's Salisbury who was Rector of Fifehead from 1405 to 1408.

A Newman family pedigree sent to me by Mick Newman in April 2012 (obtained from the Society of Genealogy) states that Robert's will was dated 8th Oct 1558 and proved 4th Nov 1558, with legacies to Winchester College, Stour Provoste, Maxwell, Westover, Eston, Kyngton etc. To be buried in chancel at Fifehead. Entered Winchester College 1482, coming from Wilton, Co. Wiltshire. Also provides name of his wife "Alice [? Evered]" with a note saying that she inherited a gold cup and lid from her husband, and his sister (Agnes) with a note that she was the wife of Caywell and mother of several children.

# If Robert attended Winchester College from 1482, then presumably he was born around 1470.

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