John Newman of Salisbury
c.1445* - 1529 (or 1519)

 Relationship to me: Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather Gen -16
Born c.1445* (estimated)  
Died 1529 (or 1519 - see note below)  
Age 84 or 74  
Father:      Robert Newman of Salisbury c.1402* - 1457
Mother: Alice
Brothers/Sisters: ????
Married: Dorothy? (See note below)
Children: Robert Newman of Sturminster Newton c.1472* - 1528
  William of Fifehead ???? - 1589

* I have estimated the birth dates for each generation between Robert Newman of St. Thomas's, Salisbury (c.1370-1402) and Thomas Newman of Fifehead (c.1560-1649) based on the assumption that each was at least 20 years old when they had their eldest child. Such a short generation time implies that there may be too many generations listed in the pedegree. Jaynie Ballard's tree suggests that this is the case since it omits Robert Newman of Stour Provost and St Augustin's Abbey which results in her generation gaps appearing less problematic.


A letter from C.R. Everett to Rev. Grosvenor Bartelot states: "I now come to John Newman of Sarum, whose short Will bequeathing all lands, tenements etc in Sarum to his wife Dorothy was proved P.C.C. 1519. There is a doubt whether he was son or grandson of the above Robert Newman - a gap of 62 years to cover. He could be son, if a young boy at the date of his fathers death! This, as property left to his mother and he is not mentioned in the Will, appears likely?

John Newmans widow remarried Christopher Gleafyn(?). The latters Will (also Dorothy Cs) refers to his Newman step-children &(?) identification complete. It also specifically mentions the Newman house in Grave Street, the property of Wm. Newman, ?? not as the Grave. Still, I think that there can be no difficulty in assuming that it is the tenement bequeathed 1457 by Robert Newman? William Newman just named died at Poole in 1587. His will does not mention property at Sarum."

Everett's Pedigree adds the following information relating to John Newman: "John Newman of Sarum. Left tenement in Sarum. Unmarried in 1457" A question mark indicates uncertainty whether this John Newman (son of Robert) is the same John Newman of Sarum whose "Will (21 Ayloffe) 1519. Left all lands etc in Sarum to wife Dorothy." However, according to C.R. Everett's Pedigree, both John Newman (c1402-1457) and his brother Simon (1406-????) had sons named John, so the 1519 date may apply to one of them.

Similarly Everett's Pedigree shows John Newman having four children - viz:

One is left to wonder where the information from 1551 was derived.

Still, one has to remember that the records handed down to me about these early Newmans is credited as coming from Rev. Grosvenor Bartelot, so it is equally possible that Everett's information was wrong and Bartelot right.

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