Rev. George Jekyll
c.1776 - 1843

 Relationship to me: Great Great Great Grandfather Gen -5
 Born: c. 1776
 Died: buried at West Coker on 9th March 1843*
 Age 67  
 Father:      Rev John Jekyll 1739 - 1777
 Mother: Elizabeth, dau of Nathaniel Webb of Roundhill Grange, Charlton Musgrove, Somerset d. 1797.
 Brothers: Thomas, bapt 16 Oct 1769 at Evercreech. b. 1769 died young?
  John, Captain, R.N. c.1775 - 1839
  Nathaniel, Captain, 43rd Foot c.1775 - 1826 (d.s.p.)
 Sisters: Jane 1767 - 1843
  Anne d. 1785 d.s.p.
 Married: Ann Brown of Oxfordshire d. 1851
 Children: Charlotte c1807 - 1875
  Joseph c1812 - c1881

Notes: * From Ian Caldwell (email dated 25th Jul 2002): "Last weekend I stopped at West Coker where George Jekyll was the rector from 1802 until his death in 1843 at the age of 67. He was buried at West Coker on 9th March 1843. When he was instituted as Rector of West Coker on 20th September 1802 his patrons were Joseph Jekyll of Bath, Esquire and Thomas Leir Junior of Shirehampton, Esquire. Before becoming Rector he had been at Lincoln College, Oxford."

Also from Ian Caldwell (email dated 10 Feb 2005): ".... from the Church at West Coker I found that George Jekyll Clerk BLC [Batchelor of Civil Law] was Rector of West Coker, Somerset, from September 20th 1802 and he was buried at West Coker on 9th March 1843 aged 67, therefore he was born circa 1776. West Coker was in the Dioicese of Bath and Wells, the Bishop was Richard Breedon and his patrons were Joseph Jekyll, Bath Esq., and Thomas Leir Jun, Shirehampton Esq. "

Ian Caldwell once told me of a Jemima Stevens who married a George Goring Jekyll at St.James's Westminster on 9th July 1831. Perhaps this might have been another son of George. Ian intended to investigate further.

With respect to Jekyll family history, see the references to Jekylls in EHA Newman's obituary. An excellent and almost certainly more accurate Jekyll family history can be found at from which some of the information on this page is taken. If this website is inaccessible, the information from it can be found at this link, which I have copied with the kind permission of its author, Jeremy Archer.

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