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WILLIAM JEKYLL, Purveyor of Forage for the King’s Horse, of Newington, Middlesex, b. circa 1470, son of JOHN JEKYLL of Lincolnshire, m. MARGARET, dau and heir of JOHN STOCKER of Newington and his wife ALICE, dau of Alderman WILLIAM SNAWSELL, M.P., Sheriff of York 1464-65, Mayor of York in 1468, of Barley Hall, York and his wife JOAN (née THWENG). See JEKYLL – Burke’s Family Records 1897, the Visitations of Essex and Barley Hall by Charles Kightly (1999). He d. 1539 (Will dated 28 May 1500 and proved 15 Nov 1539) having had issue:


1.     John Stocker, of London, m. Anne – and d.s.p. (Will dated 10 Jan 1522/23 and proved 23 Feb 1548/49).

2.     BARTHOLOMEW, of whom presently.

1.     Millicent, m. 1stly Mr. Heritage. She m. 2ndly Peter Temple of Stowe, Buckinghamshire, son of Thomas Temple and his wife Alice (née Heritage). He d. 28 May 1577 at Burton Dassett, Warwickshire and she d. 6 Dec 1582 at Burton Dassett having had issue. See EARL TEMPLE of STOWE – Burke’s Peerage.


BARTHOLOMEW JEKYLL m. 1stly ELIZABETH, dau of ROBERT ELRINGTON of Hackney and had issue:


1.     JOHN STOCKER, of whom presently.

1.     Cicely, m. 1stly Thomas Heron of Hackney, son of Giles Heron and his wife Cicely, dau of Sir Thomas More, Lord Chancellor. She m. 2ndly James Prior of Colchester, Essex and d.s.p.

2.     Margaret, m. 1stly Mr. Courtopp, goldsmith, of London and had issue. She m. 2ndly Mr. Langley.


He m. 2ndly 14 Jul 1555 at St. Martin Orgar, London, Ricarda Barnehouse of Lyme, Dorset, widow of Nicholas Barnehouse (see below).


JOHN STOCKER JEKYLL of Newington, Middlesex, m. MARY, dau and heir of NICHOLAS BARNEHOUSE, burgess, of Bristol and his wife RICARDA (née GARLAND) (see above) and had issue:


1.     Stocker, who d.s.p.

2.     William, bapt 4 Jun 1563 at St. Mary’s, Stoke Newington.

3.     THOMAS, of whom presently.

4.     Edward, of Romford, Essex, m. 14 Feb 1612/13 at St. Helen’s, Bishopsgate, Martha, dau and heir of Rev James Fytch, D.D., Prebendary of Rochester Cathedral, and had issue:

a.     Edward, bapt 3 Oct 1620 at Romford.

a.     Martha, bapt 21 Oct 1619 at Romford.

5.     Henry, who d.s.p.


THOMAS JEKYLL, attorney-at-law, of the King’s Bench, of Clifford’s Inn and Bocking, Essex, b. 21 Jan 1570 in the parish of St. Helen’s, Bishopsgate, had a Confirmation of Arms on 6 Feb 1629, m. ELIZABETH, bapt 8 May 1575 at Norton Twycross, dau of RICHARD LEAKE of Norton Twycross, Leicestershire. See the Dictionary of National Biography and monumental inscription in Bocking Parish Church. He d. 17 Aug 1652, she d. 6 Mar 1657 and they were both buried at Bocking having had issue:


1.     Robert, b. circa 1604 in London, d. circa 1638 in Virginia.

2.     Thomas, a Secondary of the King’s Bench, of Clifford’s Inn, bapt 8 Jan 1604/05 at Bocking, buried in St. Katherine’s Chapel in the parish of  St. Dunstan’s-in-the-West on 4 Mar 1663/64.

3.     Rev William, M.A., Vicar of Abingdon, educ Magdalen Hall, Oxford, m. Margaret Pigott of Thaxted and is said to have been killed in 1642 at the siege of Abingdon while in the King’s service having had issue:

a.        John.

a.     Elizabeth, bapt 3 May 1640 at Bocking.

4.     JOHN, of whom presently.

5.     Nicholas, of Castle Hedingham, Essex, b. 1 Oct 1615, m. 1stly 16 Jan 1638/39 at Bocking, Elizabeth Holgate of Castle Hedingham. She d. 7 Jun 1647 and he m. 2ndly 18 Nov 1649 at St. Bride’s, Fleet Street, Martha, widow of John Slide and dau and co-heir of William Carter, Escheator of Essex in 1644, of Gestingthorpe, Essex. She d. 1679 and he d. 13 Nov 1683 (P.C.C. will dated 10 Sep 1683 and proved 6 Dec 1683) having had issue:

a.     Thomas, b. 1650.

b.     Nicholas.

c.     William.

d.     John.

a.     Elizabeth, m. 16 May 1670, John Catesby of Castle Hedingham, eldest son of Mark Catesby, Warden of the Skinners’ Company in 1673. He was elected Town Clerk of Sudbury, Suffolk in 1669 and appointed Deputy Steward to the Earl of Suffolk in 1676. He was buried at Castle Hedingham on 12 Nov 1703 and she was buried at Castle Hedingham on 5 Sep 1708 having had issue.

1.      Mary, b. 8 Jan 1608/09, m. 29 Aug 1644 at St. Gabriel’s, Fenchurch, Henry Finch of Bocking.

2.     Martha, bapt 10 Jun 1613 at Bocking, m. John Hope of the parish of St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Westminster and had issue.

3.      Sarah.


JOHN JEKYLL, haberdasher, of London, whose shop was burned in the Great Fire of London, Freeman of the Fishmongers’ Company from 5 Jul 1637, a Parliamentarian who was captured at Bristol in 1643, Churchwarden of St. Stephen, Walbrook, London in 1650, b. 25 Sep 1611, m. 1stly ELIZABETH, dau of GEORGE WARD, citizen and clothworker, of London and his wife ELIZABETH, dau of ANTHONY GREGORY and his wife ANNE, dau of THOMAS CLOWES of Nantwich, Cheshire. See the Osborn MSS in the Beinecke Library at Yale University and Visitations of London. She was bapt 18 Jul 1624 at St. Mary Woolchurch and buried in the south aisle of St. Stephen, Walbrook on 26 Mar 1653 having had issue:


1.     Samuel, bapt 18 Feb 1644/45 at St. Stephen, Walbrook, buried at St. Stephen, Walbrook on 14 Mar 1644/45.

2.     John, bapt 18 Feb 1644/45 at St. Stephen, Walbrook.

3.     THOMAS, of whom presently.

4.     John, of Derby, bapt 26 Jun 1648 at St. Stephen, Walbrook, Freeman of the Fishmongers’ Company from 14 Dec 1670 and Court of the Fishmongers’ Company from 19 Oct 1687, d. 18 Aug 1736.

5.     Jacob, bapt 13 Sep 1651 at St. Stephen, Walbrook, apprenticed to John May of the Brewers’ Company on 6 Apr 1668, d. unmarried in the West Indies.

1.     Elizabeth, bapt 1 Aug 1647 at St. Stephen, Walbrook, m. Richard Fountain of Enfield, who d.s.p. (P.C.C. will dated 15 Jul 1721 and proved 13 Feb 1721/22).

2.     Sarah, bapt 5 Aug 1649 at St. Stephen, Walbrook, m. Richard Mart of the parish of St. Stephen, Coleman Street, who d. 1714 (P.C.C. will proved 21 Jul 1714) having had issue.


He m. 2ndly 20 Dec 1653 at St. Michael’s, Bassishaw Street, London, Tryphena, widow of Richard Hill, merchant, of Bassishaw Street and dau of Colonel Thomas Saunders of Ireton, Derbyshire. He d. 23 Sep 1690 (P.C.C. will dated 18 Mar 1683 and proved 7 Oct 1690) and was buried at St. Stephen, Walbrook and she d. 1692 (P.C.C. will dated 24 Dec 1691 and proved 15 Apr 1692) having had further issue:


6.     Steven, bapt 19 Dec 1658 at St. Stephen, Walbrook.

7.     Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph, Kt, P.C., Master of the Rolls, Governor of the Charterhouse, of Brookmans, North Mimms, Hertfordshire and Dallington House, Northamptonshire (built for him circa 1720), after whom Jekyll Island, Georgia was named by the State’s founder, General James Oglethorpe, bapt 3 Oct 1662 at St. Stephen, Walbrook, m. Elizabeth, dau of John Somers of Clifton, Worcester and sister of John, Baron Somers of Evesham, Lord Chancellor. See the Dictionary of National Biography. He d.s.p. 19 Aug 1738 (P.C.C. will dated 4 May 1738 and proved 4 Sep 1738) and was buried in the Rolls Chapel and she d. 29 Sep 1745.

3.     Tryphena, bapt 5 Nov 1654 at St. Stephen, Walbrook, buried at St. Stephen, Walbrook on 14 Sep 1671.

4.     Susanna, bapt 1 Jun 1656 at St. Stephen, Walbrook.

5.     Mary, bapt 10 May 1660 at St. Stephen, Walbrook.


Rev THOMAS JEKYLL, D.D., M.A., Minister of Tothill Fields Chapel, Westminster, b. 16 Jul 1646, bapt 3 Aug 1646 at St. Stephen, Walbrook, educ Merchant Taylors’, Trinity College, Oxford, Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge, Vicar of Rowde, Wiltshire 1674-78, Vicar of Newland, Gloucestershire 1678-80, m. ELIZABETH HOWSE. See the Dictionary of National Biography. He d. 1 Oct 1698 (P.C.C. will dated 27 Mar 1698 and proved 22 Oct 1698) and was buried at St. Margaret’s, Westminster on 7 Oct 1698 and she d. 17 Jul 1708, aged 64, (P.C.C. will dated 12 Apr 1708 and proved 26 Jul 1708) having had issue:


1.     John, of whom presently.

2.     THOMAS, Freeman of the Fishmongers’ Company from 7 Oct 1702, bapt 25 Mar 1679 at Newland, lived at the Sign of the Lamb in Paternoster Row 1708-12 and, after he had lost a great deal of money in the ‘South Sea Bubble’ in 1720, moved to Enfield, Middlesex, m. HELEN – , d. 21 Jul 1758 and was buried on 25 Jul 1758 near his wife at St. Andrew, Enfield (P.C.C. will dated 2 Oct 1756 and proved 26 Jul 1758) having had issue:

a.     Joseph, Freeman of the Fishmongers’ Company from 15 May 1734 and Livery of the Fishmongers’ Company from 16 Apr 1740, of the parish of St. Andrew, Holborn, b. 18 Mar 1707/08, bapt 7 Apr 1708 at St. Michael Le Querne, apprenticed to John Gibbs, citizen and cooper, of London in 1724, m. Elizabeth Edwards and d. circa 1769 (P.C.C. Administration proved 8 Dec 1769) had issue:

1.     Joseph, of Spetisbury House, Spetisbury, Dorset, appointed Factor for Bengal in London in Nov 1759, Chief at Patna in Apr 1771, bapt 14 Oct 1735 at St. Andrew, Holborn, m. 1stly Nov 1773 at Arthingworth, Northamptonshire, Catherine, only dau of Thomas Rokeby of Arthingworth and his wife Elizabeth, only dau of Colonel John Scott of Galashiels. See ROKEBY late of ARTHINGWORTH – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1937 Edition. She d.s.p. and he m. 2ndly 19 May 1779, Elizabeth, widow of Rev John Jekyll (see below) and dau of Nathaniel Webb of Roundhill Grange, Charlton Musgrove, Somerset. She d. 27 Nov 1797 and was buried at Spetisbury on 4 Dec 1797 having had issue:

a.     Helen, m. 1stly 29 Jun 1802, James Wyse, Captain, North Lincolnshire Militia, of Downton, Wiltshire. She m. 2ndly 6 Jan 1827 at St. George’s, Hanover Square, Major Arthur Hill Trevor, who d. 1837.

He m. 3rdly 1 Dec 1802, Lucy, dau of Rev John Sanford of Walton, Somerset. He d. Mar 1814 and she d. Jul 1844, aged 91, in Bath.

2.     Thomas, of Calcutta, bapt 28 Apr 1737 at St. Andrew, Holborn, living in 1769.

1.     Helen, bapt 24 Jun 1733 at St. Andrew, Holborn, m. Ascanius William Senior, High Sheriff of Hampshire, of Stanhope Street, Mayfair, Pilewell and Bengal, bapt 6 Feb 1728 at St. Mary, Marylebone, son of Aaron Senior, jeweller, (originally a Spaniard named Senõr who was naturalised on 12 Sep 1723) and his wife Elizabeth (née Baldrick) and brother of Nassau Thomas Senior of Barbados. (He m. 2ndly 5 May 1768 at St. George’s, Hanover Square, Charlotte (who d. 10 Nov 1811), dau of John Abel Walter of Barbados and his wife The Hon. Jane Nevill, dau of Lord Abergavenny.) He d. 24 Oct 1789 at Cannon Hill House, Berkshire having had issue: 3 daus.

2.     Mundon Mary, bapt 23 Jul 1734 at St. Andrew, Holborn, buried at St. Andrew, Enfield on 3 Aug 1734.

b.     Thomas, b. and bapt 5 Aug 1712 at St. Michael Le Querne, buried at St. Andrew, Enfield on 12 Oct 1714.

a.     ELIZABETH, m. 25 Mar 1733 at Thirkleby by Thirsk, Yorkshire by licence without her father’s permission, WILLIAM RAWSON of Bradford, son of JOHN RAWSON of Bolton and his wife CATHERINE (née LISTER). See RAWSON of SOWERBY – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1972 Edition. He was bapt 31 Jan 1710/11 at Calverley, Yorkshire and d. 7 Aug 1780 having had issue:

1.     THOMAS, hosier, member of Nottingham Junior Council from 11 Apr 1776 until his death, enrolled as a burgess of Nottingham on 23 Mar 1764, b. circa 1737, m. 5 Aug 1762 at St. Mary’s, Nottingham, PRISCA, bapt 3 Mar 1734 at St. Nicholas, Nottingham, dau of WILLIAM LEE, framework knitter, and his wife ANN (née MARSH). See Lee Family History. She d. in childbirth and was buried at St. Nicholas, Nottingham on 24 Oct 1764 and he d. 27 Mar 1801 at Nottingham (P.C.C. will dated 22 Jan 1801 and proved 17 Apr 1801) and was buried at Clifton Parish Church, Nottingham having had issue:

a.     THOMAS JEKYLL, J.P., hosier, of Nottingham and Okeover Hall, Staffordshire, enrolled as a burgess of Nottingham on 21 Jun 1793, bapt 25 Oct 1764 at St. Nicholas, Nottingham, m. 14 Sep 1794 at St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne, Derbyshire, SARAH, youngest dau of RICHARD HAYNE, J.P., of Ashbourne Green Hall, Ashbourne, Derbyshire and his wife MARY, eldest dau of Rev WILLIAM NEWTON, M.A., of Ashbourne. See Hayne Family History. She d. 16 Aug 1843, aged 71, and he d. 12 Oct 1843 at 14 Buckingham Street, Strand, London and was buried in Kensal Green Cemetery (P.C.C. will dated 12 Jul 1842 and proved 26 Jan 1844) having had issue:

1.     Frances, bapt 8 Aug 1795 at St. Nicholas, Nottingham, m. 21 Jul 1825 at St. George’s, Hanover Square, Sir Thomas Le Breton, Attorney-General of Jersey, Bailiff of Jersey 1848-57, son of Sir Thomas Le Breton and his wife Anne (née Hue). See LE BRETON formerly of LODERS COURT – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1972 Edition. She d.s.p. 30 May 1828 in Jersey and he d. 24 Nov 1857 at St. Helier, Jersey.

2.     HARRIETT, bapt 26 Feb 1797 at St. Nicholas, Nottingham, m. 9 Apr 1818 at St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne, DANIEL, son of DANIEL SMITH of Mayfield, Staffordshire and his wife SARAH (née BINGLEY). See Smith Family History. He d. 19 Jul 1859 at 13 Norfolk Street, Park Lane (Will dated 22 May 1852 and proved 24 Feb 1860) and she d. 9 Nov 1859 having had issue.

3.     Selina, of 20 Cumberland Street, London, bapt 7 Oct 1798 at St. Nicholas, Nottingham, m. 18 Aug 1821 at St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne, George James, only son of Charles Pennington, M.D., of Nottingham and his wife Ann (née Robinson). He was b. 23 Jan 1795 at Bramcote, Nottinghamshire, educ Eton, King’s College, Cambridge (Fellow 1817-21), admitted to the Inner Temple on 14 Dec 1813, Auditor of the Civil List 1835, Commissioner of Bankrupts and Judge of the Ionian Islands. She d. 3 Aug 1838 and he d. 14 Nov 1850 (P.C.C. will dated 18 May 1846 and proved 6 Feb 1851) having had issue:

a.     Charles Plumer, Lieutenant, The Rifle Brigade (retired circa 1849), bapt 22 Sep 1824 at St. Oswald’s, Ashbourne, educ Eton, m. 16 Nov 1847 at St. Mary’s, Bryanston Square, Rosamund Augusta de Roll, eldest dau of Rev Frederick Shallett Lomax, M.A., of Netley Park, Surrey and his wife Augusta Louisa Anne, dau of William Byam of Cedar Hill, Antigua. She d. 20 Mar 1853 of consumption at Eversfield Place, St. Leonard’s-on-Sea and he d. 1901 having had issue: 1 son and 1 dau.

a.     Anna Rosa, m. 24 Aug 1850 at St. Mary’s, Bryanston Square, Captain Maximilian Montagu Hammond, 2nd Battalion, The Rifle Brigade, third son of William Osmond Hammond, D.L., J.P., of St. Alban’s Court, Kent and his wife Mary Graham, eldest dau of Sir Henry Oxenden, Bt. See HAMMOND of ST. ALBAN’S COURT – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1937 Edition and Memoir of Captain M.M. Hammond, Rifle Brigade published Robert Carter & Brothers, New York in 1858. He was killed in the assault on the Redan at Sebastopol on 8 Sep 1855, aged 30, and she d. 26 Jan 1914 having had issue: 2 daus.

b.     Frances Augusta, m. 19 Jun 1851 at St. Mary’s, Bryanston Square, Major General Frederick Marow Eardley-Wilmot, Royal Artillery, second son of Sir John Eardley Eardley-Wilmot, 1st Bt, F.R.S., and his wife Elizabeth Emma, dau of Caleb Hillier Parry, M.D., of Bath. See EARDLEY-WILMOT, Baronet – Burke’s Peerage. He d. 30 Sep 1877 and she d. 22 Jan 1915 having had issue: 3 sons and 5 daus.

c.     Frederica Selina Owen, m. 26 Feb 1856 at St. George’s, Hanover Square, Sir Sanford Freeling, K.C.M.G., Governor of Dominica 1868-71, Grenada 1871-75, Gold Coast Colony 1876-80 and Trinidad 1880-84, fifth son of John Clayton Freeling, Secretary to the Board of Inland Revenue, and his wife Mary, third dau of Edward Coxe of Hampstead. See FREELING, Baronet – Burke’s Peerage 1940 Edition. He d. 30 Sep 1894 and she d. 9 Sep 1929 having had issue: 1 son and 3 daus.

1.     Catherine, possibly bapt 4 Feb 1736/37 at Bradford, living in 1756.

b.     Helen, bapt 24 May 1706 at St. Faith under St. Paul, d. young.

3.     Rev Richard, M.A., Rector of Gayton-le-Wold, Lincolnshire in 1725, bapt 2 Jun 1680 at Newland, Gloucestershire, educ Westminster, Christ Church, Oxford, d. before 4 May 1738 and was survived by his widow.

1.     Elizabeth, b. 13 Aug 1673, bapt 24 Aug 1673 at Rowde, Wiltshire, m. 1stly at St. Margaret’s, Westminster (Vicar-General marriage licence dated 18 Sep 1694), John Street. She m. 2ndly John Kirkham.

2.     Mary, b. 15 Nov 1675, bapt 19 Nov 1675 at Rowde, m. 1stly 13 Feb 1700/01 at St. Lawrence Jewry, Nicholas Roberts and had issue. She m. 2ndly 29 May 1716 at Basildon, Berkshire, Captain Sir Edward Blackett, Bt, R.N., of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Newby Hall, near Ripon, Yorkshire. See BLACKETT, Baronet – Burke’s Peerage. He d.s.p. Mar 1756 and she d. Dec 1756.

3.     Tryphena, bapt 3 Feb 1677 at Newland, Gloucestershire, m. Rev Edward Lowell, D.D., and had issue.

4.     Tryphosa, of Enfield and St. Paul’s, Covent Garden, bapt 22 Jun 1683 at St. Margaret’s, Westminster, d. unmarried 1718 (P.C.C. will dated 7 Oct 1717 and proved 12 May 1718).

5.     Jane, bapt 3 Jul 1684 at St. Margaret’s, Westminster, d. unmarried 24 Oct 1734.

6.     Grace, d. an infant.


John Jekyll, Collector of Customs in Boston 1707-33, discharged his job in such a manner that he was known as ‘the darling of all fair traders’ in New England, of Stowe, near Boston, Massachusetts, b. 11 Sep 1674, bapt 23 Sep 1674 at Rowde, Wiltshire, m. Hannah, dau of Thomas Clarke and sister of Thomas Clarke of New York, whose property in Lower Manhattan was called Chelsea. He d. 18 Feb 1733 having had issue:


1.     Thomas, of Chancery Lane, admitted to Lincoln’s Inn on 22 Apr 1729, d. unmarried 1774 (P.C.C. will   dated 31 Aug 1759 and proved 3 Jan 1775).

2.     John, Collector of Customs, of Boston, Massachusetts, admitted to the Inner Temple on 2 Feb 1732/33, called to the Bar on 1 Jun 1739, m. 20 Oct 1734 at Christ Church, Philadelphia, Margaret, elder dau of Edward Shippen of Philadelphia and his wife Anna Francina, second dau of Matthias van der Heyden of Albany, New York. Her namesake married Major General Benedict Arnold, the well-known traitor, in the same church 45 years later. He d. 16 Feb 1741/42 at Boston and she d. 1765 having had issue:

a.     Rev John, LL.D., M.A., of Kingsthorpe, Northamptonshire, Precentor of St. David’s Cathedral, Vicar of Evercreech, Somerset 1769-71, b. 1739, educ Pembroke College, Oxford, m. Elizabeth, dau of Nathaniel Webb of Roundhill Grange, Charlton Musgrove, Somerset. See WEBB of ODSTOCK – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1906 Edition. He was buried at Dallington, Northamptonshire on 2 Mar 1777 (and she m. 2ndly Joseph Jekyll of Spetisbury, Dorset (see above) and d. 27 Nov 1797) having had issue:

      1.     Thomas, bapt 16 Oct 1769 at Evercreech.

2.     John, Captain, R.N., of Roundhill House in the parish of Wincanton, Somerset and later of 34 Avenue de Neuilly, Paris, bapt 7 Jan 1776 at Kingsthorpe, joined the Royal Navy as a Captain’s servant on H.M.S. Pegasus on 25 May 1790, appointed Lieutenant on 2 Dec 1796, Commander from 21 Mar 1812, m. 31 Jan 1799 at St. Giles’s, Camberwell, Lucinda Jane, dau of Thomas Storie of Camberwell. She d. 1812 and he d. 14 Feb 1839, aged 64, in Paris (P.C.C. will dated 6 Jul 1815 and proved 6 Apr 1839) having had issue:

a.     John, of Ambers-sur-Loire, France, b. circa 1800, educ University College, Oxford.

b.     William Frederick, Lieutenant, 6th Foot, educ Blundell’s, d. unmarried 28 Dec 1846 at Shirley, near Southampton, Hampshire.

c.     Joseph Henry Storie, of 46 York Terrace, Regent’s Park, London and Millbrooke, Southampton, educ Blundell’s, m. 30 Jun 1834 at St. James’s, Westminster, Clara Amelia, dau of Edmond Hooke of Mulbarton, Norfolk and his wife Naomi, dau of William Gerrard of Catton, Norfolk. He d. 20 Aug 1860 at Weston, near Bath and she d. 22 Jan 1872 (Will dated 5 Sep 1871 and proved 13 Feb 1872) at 46 York Terrace having had issue:

1.     Henry Joseph Campbell, of Christchurch, New Zealand, b. Jul 1843, bapt 6 Mar 1844 at Shirley, educ Tonbridge, living in 1889.

2.     Joseph Webb Leir, Lieutenant, R.N., b. 14 Nov 1844 at Millbrooke, bapt 9 Apr 1845 at Shirley, educ Tonbridge, joined the Royal Navy as a Cadet on H.M.S. Britannia on 7 Jun 1859, served in the Abyssinian Campaign 1867-68, d. 12 Sep 1870 at Northampton after a fall from a horse and was buried at St. Peter and St. Paul, Watford on 17 Sep 1870.

3.     John Richmond, Major, R.M.L.I., Governor of Brisbane Gaol, Australia, b. 1849 in Bath, educ Tonbridge, Major, Sydney Sudan Contingent 1885, m. 23 Jun 1874 at St. Margaret’s, Rochester, Kent, Gertrude Emily, sixth dau of Lieutenant General Henry John Savage, Royal Engineers, of Rocksavage, Co. Down and his second wife Clara Eleonore, eldest dau of C.A.E. Mylius. See SAVAGE – Burke’s Family Records 1897. He d. 31 Jan 1888 of typhoid fever in Brisbane and she d. 15 May 1891 (Will dated 17 Feb 1888 and proved 13 Aug 1891) at Ardkeen Lodge, Putney having had issue:

a.     John Joseph Savage, b. 10 Jan 1876 at 5 Clarence Villas, Walmer, d. 22 Mar 1876 at 1 Grove Villas, Rochester.

a.     Doris Gertrude Cecily Mary (twin), nurse, of Henley-on-Thames and later of Menton, France, b. 11 Jun 1878 at 5 Clarence Villas, Walmer, d. unmarried 21 Sep 1960.  Her twin sister d. at birth.

b.     Clara Millicent Savage, of 64 Church Road, Richmond, m. Mr. English and d. 9 Nov 1961 (Will dated 4 Mar 1961 and proved 18 Apr 1962) having had issue: 2 sons.

1.     Elizabeth, bapt 10 May 1837 at Shirley, unmarried in 1889.

2.     Clara Campbell Lucy, bapt 4 Jul 1838 at Shirley, m. 30 Jun 1870 at St. George’s, Hanover Square as his second wife, Anthony, 3rd Baron Henley, D.L., J.P., M.P., elder son of Robert, 2nd Baron Henley and his wife Harriet, dau of Sir Robert Peel, Bt. See HENLEY – Burke’s Peerage. He d. 27 Nov 1898 and she d. 11 Nov 1922 having had issue: 2 sons and 1 dau.

3.    Selina Charlotte, of 21 Nelson Road South, Great Yarmouth, bapt 6 Feb 1839 at Shirley, d. unmarried 2 Jun 1924 (Will dated 1 Aug 1889 and proved 22 Aug 1924).

4.     Henrietta Sophia Webb, bapt 7 Oct 1840 at Shirley, d. 1840.

5.     Sophia, bapt 8 Jun 1842 at Shirley, m. 6 Jul 1864 at St. Mary, Marylebone, Edmund Salis Schwabe, calico printer, of Ryecroft House, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, eldest son of Salis Schwabe of Rhodes House and Glyn-y-Garth, Anglesey. He d. 4 Aug 1891 in Montreal having had issue.

a.     Lucinda Elizabeth, of Roundhill House, Wincanton and 26 Bryanston Square, London, d. unmarried 15 Mar 1834 at Berne, Switzerland (P.C.C. will dated 26 Jul 1833 and proved 12 May 1834).

b.     Sophia Storie, m. 9 Sep 1834 at St. James’s, Westminster, Henry King Armstrong.

3.     Nathaniel, Captain, 43rd Foot, of Pitcombe House, Pitcombe, Somerset, b. circa 1775, served with the 9th Foot at Martinique, St. Lucia and Guadaloupe in 1794, m. 14 Jul 1796 at St. Mary, Marylebone, Sarah Charlotte, youngest dau of Robert Campbell of Asknish and Lochgair House, Argyllshire. He was dismissed from the Service on 7 Jul 1804 following the Court Martial of his Commanding Officer, Colonel Richard Stewart. He d.s.p. 30 Apr 1826, aged 51, and she d. 14 Mar 1853, aged 76, at Marlborough Buildings, Bath (P.C.C. will dated 10 Feb 1852 and proved 6 Apr 1853). See monumental inscription in Pitcombe Parish Church and The Case of Nathaniel Jekyll published in 1810.

4.     Rev George, B.C.L., Vicar of West Coker, Somerset 1802-43, b. circa 1777, matriculated Lincoln College, Oxford, aged 16, on 11 Apr 1793, Curate of Stow Maries, Essex, m. Ann Brown of Oxfordshire. He d. 2 Mar 1843 (P.C.C. will dated 19 Aug 1842 and proved 1 Jun 1843) and was buried at St. Martin of Tours, West Coker on 9 Mar 1843 and she d. 25 Sep 1851 at West Coker having had issue:

a.     George Wilkinson, b. 23 Dec 1799 at Stone, Essex, d. unmarried 4 Nov 1819 and was buried at West Coker on 10 Nov 1819.

b.     Rev Joseph, B.A., Rector of Hawkridge-with-Withypool, near Dulverton, Somerset 1843-80, b. 4 Jun 1801, educ Blundell’s, St. John’s College, Cambridge, m. 15 Nov 1855 at St. Matthew’s, Jersey, Marianne Nicholson. He d. 30 Dec 1880 at The Rectory, Hawkridge and she d. 22 Mar 1920, aged 88, at Chelsfield, Kent and was buried there having had issue:

1.     Arthur Joseph, solicitor, of 41 Threadneedle Street, London, b. 8 Dec 1863 at Hawkridge, educ Blundell’s, d.s.p. 11 Sep 1924 in Fulham and was buried at Kew, Surrey.

2.     Lewis Nugent, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., surgeon, of Gainsborough House, Gainsborough Road, Leytonstone, bapt 29 Mar 1866 at Hawkridge, educ Blundell’s, m. 11 Mar 1897 at Holy Trinity, Barnstaple, Devon, Agnes Maria, youngest dau of William Langdon of Heasley, North Molton, Devon. She d. 19 Oct 1919 and he d. 14 Apr 1933 at Gainsborough House and was buried at Wanstead on 19 Apr 1933 having had issue:

a.     Joseph Langdon, M.R.C.S., surgeon, of Gainsborough House, Gainsborough Road, Leytonstone, b. 27 Jul 1903 at Gainsborough House, bapt St. John’s, Leytonstone, d. unmarried 28 Feb 1960 at West Down, Whitechapel, South Molton, Devon (Will dated 10 Sep 1948 and proved 16 May 1960).

b.       Nugent Davy, M.R.C.S., surgeon, Captain, Indian Medical Services, of 12 Parklands, South Molton, b. 8 Mar 1907, bapt St. John’s, Leytonstone, d. unmarried 24 Mar 1975 (Will dated 2 Dec 1971 and proved 22 May 1975) and was buried at Hawkridge.

1.     Clara Frances, b. 1858, m. 8 Oct 1879 at Giles’s, Hawkridge, her first cousin, Charles Octavius Newman, B.A., solicitor, of Mountsey Lodge, Horne Park, Lee, Kent, son of Edwin Newman of Headfont Manor House, Yeovil (see below) and had issue.

                              2.     Annie Josephine, b. 1860, m. 20 Aug 1890 at Leytonstone, Reginald Robert Griffith Newman, solicitor, son of Rev William Norman, M.A., Vicar of Snaresbrook, Essex.

                               3.     Alice Marian, of 1 Mount Terrace, Taunton, b. 1861, d. unmarried 30 Jan 1951.

c.     Nathaniel, attorney-at-law, of Coker Hill, West Coker, b. 13 Jul 1808 at West Coker, educ Blundell’s, m. 18 May 1843 at Crewkerne, Somerset, Mary Jane, dau of Robert Robins, carpenter, of Crewkerne and d. 9 Mar 1850 having had issue:

1.     Joseph Nathaniel Campbell, banker’s clerk, of 22 Prince’s Street, Cavendish Square, London, b. 31 Aug 1843, bapt 7 Sep 1843 at West Coker, d. unmarried 14 Aug 1885 at 22 Prince’s Street.

1.     Mary Jane, bapt 14 Feb 1846 at West Coker, living in 1851.

d.     Charles, b. 5 Mar 1813, d. 20 Sep 1813.

a.     Elizabeth Webb, b. circa 1803, m. 20 Sep 1827 at West Coker, Henry Talbot, son of John Moore of West Coker. She d. 11 Aug 1833 and he d. 6 Feb 1855, aged 68, having had issue: 1 son and 3 daus. See monumental inscription in West Coker Parish Church.

b.     Charlotte, m. 19 Apr 1828 at West Coker, Edwin Newman of Headfont Manor House, Yeovil, Somerset and had issue.

c.     Anna Maria, of Combehead, Bampton, Devon, m. 2 Mar 1837 at West Coker, Robert Brown of Hill Field House, Trent Vale, Staffordshire and had issue.

1.     Jane, bapt 15 Nov 1767 at St. David’s, Exeter, m. 2 Oct 1794, Thomas Leir, B.A., J.P., of Jaggard’s House, Corsham, Wiltshire and Weston, near Bath, Somerset, son of Rev Thomas Leir, M.A., Rector of Charlton Musgrove, Somerset and his wife Mary, only dau of John Shore of Jaggard’s House. The Leir family provided nine Rectors of Charlton Musgrove between 1617 and 1914. See LEIR-CARLETON – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1921 Edition. He d. 7 May 1836 and she d. 28 Sep 1843 having had  issue: 2 sons and 3 daus.

2.     Anne, d. unmarried and was buried at Spetisbury on 24 Aug 1785.

a.     Arianna Margaretta, m. Lieutenant Colonel James Chalmers, who commanded a Regiment of Native Infantry during General Simcoe’s campaign in the West Indies. He d. 3 Oct 1806, aged 79, in Paradise Row, Chelsea and was buried at Stow Maries, Essex and she d. 7 Sep 1821 at Springfield Lodge, Camberwell having had issue: 1 son and 3 daus.

b.     Francina, m. 19 Jul 1758, William Hicks of New York, son of Edward Hicks and his wife Violetta, dau of William Blakeston Ricketts of Ridgeland, Westmoreland, Jamaica. She d. Oct 1770 and he d. 1772 having had issue: 4 sons and 3 daus.

3.     Joseph, of Dallington, Northamptonshire, b. 1714, m. 16 Feb 1749/50, Lady Anne Montagu, second dau of George, 2nd Earl of Halifax and his wife Lady Mary Lumley, dau of Richard, Earl of Scarborough. He d. 17 Nov 1752 (P.C.C. will dated 20 Nov 1749 and proved 15 Mar 1754) and she d. 20 Jun 1766, aged 51, having had issue:

a.     Anne, m. 15 Jun 1767 at St. George’s, Hanover Square, George Wrighte of Gayhurst, Buckinghamshire, of Brocksby Hall, Leicestershire and of Dallington, son of George Wrighte of Gayhurst, M.P. for Leicestershire 1727-66, and his wife Barbara, dau of Sir Thomas Clarges, Bt. She d. 4 Dec 1798 and he d. 5 Oct 1804 having had issue.

4.     Rev Richard Blackett, M.A. Vicar of Dallington and Rector of Harleston, b. 1715, d. unmarried 25 Sep 1758 (P.C.C. will proved Nov 1758).

5.      Edward, of whom presently.

1.    Hannah, m. 4 Mar 1751/52 at Dallington, William Beauchamp Rye, M.D., of Culworth, Northamptonshire and later of Bath. He d. 1780 and she d. 4 May 1795 having had issue: 4 sons and 2 daus.

2.     Mary, m. 27 Feb 1738 at Boston, Massachusetts, Richard Saltonstall, Representative and Judge of the Superior Court, of Haverhill, Massachusetts, son of Richard Saltonstall and his wife Mehitabel, dau of Captain Simon Wainwright. See SALTONSTALL – Burke’s Distinguished Families of America. She d.s.p. 4 Mar 1740 and he d. 20 Oct 1756.


Captain Edward Jekyll, R.N., of Haverfordwest, Pembroke and Clarges Street, London, Captain of the 60-gun H.M.S. Rippon during the attack on the island of Guadaloupe on 23 Jan 1759, Commander from 21 Apr 1746, Captain from 5 Mar 1748, m. 1752, Elizabeth, widow of John Williams of Penthowell, Carmarthen and dau of Thomas Walter of Killiver, Carmarthen. His nephew Thomas Jekyll, then aged 18, whose father was blind, was acquitted at the Old Bailey on 13 Jan 1773 of a charge of deception. He d. 15 Jun 1776 (P.C.C. will dated 10 Jun 1776 and proved 26 Jun 1776) and she d. 17 Jul 1780 having had issue:


1.     Joseph, of whom presently.

1.     Elizabeth, b. 1754, m. 1789, William Joseph Lockwood of Dewes Hall, Essex, son of Rev Edward Lockwood of Lambourne and his wife Lucy, dau of Rev William Dowdeswell of Kingham. See LAMBOURNE – Burke’s Peerage 1924 Edition. She d. 12 May 1790 having had issue: 1 son.


Joseph Jekyll, K.C., F.R.S., F.S.A., M.A., of Wargrave Hill, Berkshire, barrister-at-law, Solicitor-General to the Prince of Wales, Bencher of the Inner Temple, Master in Chancery 1815-23, M.P. for Calne 1787-1816, author of The Life of Ignatius Sancho, b. 1 Jan 1754, educ Westminster, Christ Church, Oxford, m. 20 Aug 1801 at South Stoneham, Hampshire, Anna Maria, only dau of Colonel Hans Sloane of South Stoneham, M.P. for Lostwithiel, Cornwall. See the Dictionary of National Biography. She d. 6 Nov 1808 and he d. 8 Mar 1837 at 22 New Street, Spring Gardens, London and they were both buried at St. Martin-in-the-Fields having had issue:


1.     Joseph, F.R.S., M.A., of Wargrave Hill, Berkshire, b. 23 Sep 1802, bapt 13 Dec 1802 at St. Martin-in-the-Fields, educ Westminster, Christ Church, Oxford, m. 7 Nov 1837 at St. George’s, Hanover Square, Anna Louisa, only dau of Sir Charles William Flint, Kt, Under-Secretary for Ireland, and his wife Anna Maria, dau of Daniel Seton, Lieutenant-Governor of Surat, Bombay and d.s.p. 23 Nov 1841 at 54 Eaton Place, London (and she m. 2ndly 15 Dec 1842 at Trinity Church, Upper Chelsea, The Hon. Spencer Dudley Montagu).

2.     Edward Joseph Hill, of whom presently.


Captain Edward Joseph Hill Jekyll, The Grenadier Guards, of Bramley House, Bramley, Surrey and later of Wargrave Hill, Henley-on-Thames, b. 6 Feb 1804 in Spring Gardens, bapt 3 Mar 1804 at St. Martin-in-the-Fields, educ Westminster, Christ Church, Oxford, m. 25 Jul 1836, Julia, third dau of Charles Hammersley, banker, of Park Crescent, London and his wife Emily, dau of John Buncombe-Poulett-Thomson of Waverley Abbey House. He d. 26 Mar 1876 at Wargrave Hill and was buried at St. Mary, Wargrave on 28 Mar 1876 and she d. 19 Jul 1895 at Munstead, Godalming having had issue:


1.     Edward Joseph, D.L., J.P., Captain, 64th Foot, Director, Berehaven Copper Mines Ltd., Director, Northfleet Paper Mills Ltd., of Higham Bury, Ampthill, Bedfordshire, b. 18 Aug 1839 at Cowes, Isle of Wight, educ Harrow, m. 23 Sep 1870 at the Parish Church of Proseken Mecklenburg Schwerin, Theresa Frances Henrietta, dau of William August Julius, Baron von Biel of Zierow, Mecklenburg Schwerin. She d. 2 May 1913, aged 71, at Higham Bury and he d. 3 Mar 1921 at 61 The Avenue, Kew Gardens having had issue:

a.     Millicent, of Cherry Burton, St. Aubin, Jersey, b. 25 Sep 1872 at Tingrith Cottage, near Woburn, Bedfordshire, m. 7 Oct 1896 at the Chapel Royal, Neustrelitz, Mecklenburg, Baron Erich Rudolf Adolf August Heinrich Karl von Maltzahn, second son of Rudolf Elias Felix, Baron von Maltzahn and had issue: 1 son and 1 dau.

b.     Grace, b. 21 May 1874 at Tingrith Cottage, d. 2 Nov 1885 at Higham Bury and was buried at Pulloxhill.

2.     Arthur, Lieutenant, R.N., b. 5 Apr 1841 at Grafton Street, London, bapt 29 May 1841 at St. George’s, Hanover Square, joined the Navy as a Cadet on H.M.S. Cossack on 14 Sep 1854, drowned in the wreck of H.M.S. Orpheus off Manukau Harbour on the west coast of New Zealand on 7 Feb 1863.

3.     Frederick, b. 25 Jul 1842 at Grafton Street, London, d. 11 Aug 1842 and was buried in St. George’s Cemetery, London.

4.     Herbert, of whom presently.

5.     Rev Walter, M.A., of Munstead, Godalming, Minor Canon of Worcester Cathedral 1877-79, Chaplain of Malta 1879, friend of Robert Louis Stevenson (who borrowed the family name for his book Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde), author of Jamaica Song and Story, b. 27 Nov 1849 at Bramley House, educ Harrow, Trinity College, Cambridge, d. 17 Feb 1929 at Bower Hill, Jamaica and was buried at Lucca, Jamaica.

1.     Caroline, b. 16 Mar 1837, m. 28 Feb 1865 at Bramley, Frederick Eden of Palazzo Barbarigo, Venice, younger son of Arthur Eden, Deputy Controller of the Exchequer, and his wife Frances, dau of J.P. Thompson of Waverley Abbey. See EDEN, Baronet – Burke’s Peerage. He d.s.p. 5 Dec 1916 and she d. 6 Dec 1928.

2.     Gertrude (obituary), of Munstead Wood, Godalming, the well-known gardener and garden designer, b. 29 Nov 1843 at Grafton Street, London, educ South Kensington School of Art, d. unmarried 8 Dec 1932 at Munstead Wood and was buried at St. John’s, Busbridge, Surrey on 12 Dec 1932. See the Dictionary of National Biography.


Colonel Sir Herbert Jekyll, K.C.M.G. (obituary), Royal Engineers, of Munstead House, Godalming, Private Secretary to the Viceroy of Ireland 1885-6 and 1892-5, Assistant Secretary to the Board of Trade 1901-11, b. 22 Nov 1846 at Grafton Street, London, educ Royal Military Academy, Woolwich, m. 29 Dec 1881 at St. Peter’s, Eaton Square, Dame Agnes Lowndes Graham, D.B.E., J.P., youngest dau of William Graham, D.L., J.P., M.P., and his wife Jane Catherine, youngest dau of John Lowndes of Arthurlie, Renfrewshire. See GRAHAM formerly of AUCHENLOICH and TAMRAWER – Burke’s Landed Gentry 1965 Edition. He d. 29 Sep 1932 at Munstead House and was buried at St. John’s, Busbridge on 3 Oct 1932 and she d. 28 Jan 1937 having had issue:


1.     Francis Walter, of Munstead Wood Hut, Godalming, b. 20 Nov 1882, d. unmarried 27 Mar 1965.

1.     Barbara, G.B.E., D.St.J. (obituary), b. 14 Jun 1887 at Oakdene, Guildford, m. 1stly 20 Jul 1911 at St. George’s, Hanover Square, The Hon. Francis Walter Stafford McLaren, J.P., M.P., 2nd Lieutenant, R.F.C., b. 6 Jun 1886, younger son of 1st Baron Aberconway and his wife Laura Elizabeth (née Pochin). See ABERCONWAY – Burke’s Peerage. He was killed flying on 30 Aug 1917 and was buried at St. John’s, Busbridge having had issue: 2 sons. She m. 2ndly 14 Jun 1922 at St. Martha-on-the-Hill, Albury, Surrey, Lieutenant General Sir Bernard Cyril Freyberg, 1st Baron Freyberg, V.C., G.C.M.G., K.C.B., K.B.E., D.S.O. and three bars, Governor-General of New Zealand 1946-52 (obituary). See FREYBERG – Burke’s Peerage. He d. 4 Jul 1963 and she d. 24 Sep 1973 having had issue: 1 son.

2.     Pamela Margaret, b. 10 Mar 1889 at Lennox House, Walton Street, London, m. 3 Jun 1908 at St. Margaret’s, Westminster, Rt. Hon. Reginald McKenna, P.C., M.P., 1st Lord of the Admiralty 1908-11, Home Secretary 1911-15, Chancellor of the Exchequer 1915-16, son of William Columban McKenna. He d. 6 Sep 1943 and she d. 1 Nov 1943 having had issue: 1 son.