Francis Beville De Foe Paynter
1874 - 1931

 Relationship to me: First cousin twice removed Gen -2 

 Born: 1874
 Died: 1931
 Age 57  
 Father:      Thomas Beville  Paynter 1847 - 1917
 Mother: Hariette Emma Baker m.20/5/1863
 Brothers: None known  
 Sisters:   None known  
 Married: Carolena [Lina] Louisa Breslauer - m. 4 Nov 1896 -see table of dates.  
 Children: Doris (m. Pearce) b.21 Nov 1897 in Chiswick
  Graham Bernard Paynter b.29 Dec 1989-in Chiswick
  Muriel b.9 Jul 1901 Marylebone
  Victor b.1902 died at 2 mnths
  Thomas b.24 Apr 1904 Wandsworth
  Edward (Ted) b.9 Nov 1905 Shepherd's Bush
  Eileen b.22 Dec 1908 Southall
  Gertrude Mary b.24 Dec 1919 Cheltenham

It appears that Francis was a chip off the old Paynter block. According to his g-granddaughter Julie Bray, Francis had too much fun in Monte Carlo where he lost all his money. Quite likely, his family's consequential impecuniousness prompted his eldest son Graham to volunteer for service in WW1 and to emigrate to Canada afterwards.

Francis's wife Carolena [Lina] was from an American Ashkenazi Jewish family.

The photo below is believed to be of Francis acting as a dispatch rider during WW1.


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