Ashburnham Newman Toll
c1730 - 1800

 Relationship to me: Third Cousin 5 Times Removed Gen -5
Born c.1730 (assumed from father's age)  
Died 5 Jan 1800  
Age ~70 perhaps  
Father:      Edmund Toll c1698 - 1774
Mother: unknown  
Brothers: None  
Sisters: Mary m. John Bulley of Reading, surgeon (from Burke's Commoners p112)  
  Jane m. John Aldridge of Lincoln's Inn, gent (from Burke's Commoners p112)  
Married: unmarried  
Children: none  

Ashburnham Newman Toll's name appears in Frances Newman's will where it states ".... the dividends Interest and produce of the said last mentioned Bank Annuities as the same shall from time to time become due and be received unto Ashburnham Newman Toll of London Son of the said Edmund Toll during the Term of his natural life or otherwise do and shall permit and suffer the said Ashburnham Newman Toll to receive and take the dividend Interest and produce of the same Bank Annuities to and for his own proper use and benefit and from and after the death of the said Ashburnham Newman Toll upon further Trust ..... for all and every the Child and Children of the said Ashburnham Newman Toll to be equally divided between or amongst them and to be paid to Sons and daughters respectively ...."

Since Ashburnham Newman Toll had no children, the bulk of Frances's estate devolved to Ashburnham Newman Toll's first cousin Charles Toll and thence to Charles's brothers Ashburnham Cecil Toll and Richard Newman Toll.


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