Anne Newman (née Harbord)
1627 - 1690

 Relationship to me: Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandmother Gen -9
Born 1634  
Died 1690  
Age 56  
Father:      Sir Charles Harbord 1596-1679

Maria (née van Aelst), da. of Jan van Aelst of Sandwich, Kent - m. 26 Oct 1626

Brothers: Charles Harbord ???? - 1672
  William Harbord 1635 - 1692
  John - m. Catherine Rous ???? - 1710
  3 others (dvp)  
Sisters: Catherine - m. Thomas Wright  
Married: Richard Newman 1634 - 1690
Children:  Richard Newman of Evercreech Park 1650 - 1682
  Elizabeth m. (1) Thomas Warre (2) Edward Scott 1653 - before 1685
  Frances m. John Oxenham Jan 1676 at Westminster c.1655 - ????
  Anne Christianna m. Sir William Honeywood Bart. of Elmstead 15 July 1675 1667 - 1736
  Charles Harbord 1667-1683
  Thomas ???? - 1668
  Francis Holles Newman 1671 - 1714
  According to Harold Biggs' researches, there was another unnamed daughter who died 23 July 1673.


Anne Harbord of Stannington, Norfolk, was the daughter of Sir Charles Harbord, Surveyor General to King Charles I and King Charles II and ancestor of the Baronets of Gunton (see anecdote below). It was Anne who once owned the Newman-Rogers Bible. She and Richard made the first entry into its fly-leaf dated 1685 and signed their names therein.

Di Clements quotes from Somerset Wills Fifth Series relating to Anne Harbord's will: "1690 Ann Newman. wo Richard esq. Richard N. heir of Richard deceased, husband of testatrix and Anne Warre consenting. Grand -daughter Anne Warre £500 at 18. If she dies to Wm and Elizabeth her siblings.Thomas Warre her brother. [No mention of Dorothy Warre who is mentioned in Richard Newman's 1681 will. Perhaps she died before 1690, or perhaps she wasn't a daughter of Elizabeth.] Grand-daughter Barbara N £200; if she dies then to her sister Ann [Barbara and Ann, both daughters of Richard Newman of Evercreech] then to my grand-daughters Frances and Catherine Scott [daughters of Elizabeth and her second husband].  Son Francis Hollis Newman £200 at 21 If he dies to my grandsons John, William and Richard Oxenham. My son Francis. To my husband my great jewel. Daughter Scott my best Diamond ring. My grandson Richd N. grandson Wm Honeywood daughter Honeywood."

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