Elizabeth Scott (née Newman)
1653 - >1695

 Relationship to me: Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Aunt Gen -8
Born 1653  
Died sometime after 1695  
Age ??  
Father:      Richard Newman of Fifehead 1620 - 1695
Mother: Anne Harbord (m. c,1649) 1634 - 1690
Brothers: Richard Newman of Evercreech Park 1650 - 16823
Charles Harbord 1667-1683
  Thomas ???? - 1668
  Francis Holles Newman 1671 - 1714
Sisters: Anne Christianna m. Sir William Honeywood Bart. of Elmstead 15 July 1675 c1655 - 1736
  Frances m. John Oxenham Jan 1676 at Westminster 1659 - after 1695
  According to Harold Biggs' researches, there was another unnamed daughter who died 23 July 1673.
Married: (1) Thomas Warre Jul 1672 at Westminster  
  (2) Edward Scott m.1681 see National Archives  
 Children: (1) Elizabeth  
  (2) Frances  

and maybe Francis. According to Harold Biggs, Francis Scott drowned in the Thames on 28th Jun 1699, together with his cousin John Oxenham. Or could it have been Frances rather than Francis?

Notes: Much of the information given above comes from the 1695 Codicil to the Will of Richard Newman (1620-1695). See also transcript of the Codicil and summary of the transcript.

Elizabeth's name first came to me from Tony Newman's "GEDCOM" file: Fifehead.ged. It was subsequently confirmed by Di Clements who came up with "Somerset Wills Sixth Series Will of Sir Charles Harbord 1678: My daughter, Elizabeth Warre. My son-in- law Richard N." and also from Somerset Wills Fifth Series, the will of Thomas Warre of Shepton Beauchamp 1694, whose inheritors were his "son and heir Thomas Warre, his grandfather Richard Newman, my wife Cicely Warre".

An additional reference in Somerset Wills Fifth Series gives the name Dorothy to Elizabeth's daughter in reference to the Will of her cousin Richard Newman of Evercreech.

Another reference (Anne Harbord's will?) indicates Elizabeth's children were Anne, William(?), Elizabeth and Thomas (but no mention of Dorothy - why?).

According to Harold Biggs' researches, Elizabeth died before her husband, and was buried in Shepton Beauchamp Church, Co. Somerset, leaving four children Anne, William, Elizabeth and Thomas Warre. Her husband's will is dated 24 Oct 1685 and administration was granted 26 Jan 1686. A second wife, Cicely, survived him. This is contradicted by the evidence of Richard Newman's will which indicates that Thomas Warre died before Elizabeth, leaving her to remarry Edward Scott.

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