Susanna Stackhouse (née Acton)
1754 - 1834

 Relationship to me: Great Great Great Great Grandmother Gen -6

Susanna Acton (date unknown)
picture kindly given to me by Ian Caldwell
 Born: 1754
 Died: 1834
 Age 80  
 Father:      Edward Acton of Acton Scott, near Church Stretton, Shropshire
 Mother: Anne Gregory of How Caple 1729 - 1780
 Brothers: None known of
 Sisters:   None known of
 Married: John Stackhouse m. 1773 1742 - 1819
Children:  John  died young
  Edward William  1775 - 1853 
  Thomas Pendarves  1778 - 1835
  Anne Gregory 1785 - 1862 
  Catherine 1790 - 19 Dec 1873

Susanna Acton was an heiress of Sollers Hope, and How Caple, Herefordshire and part of the manor of Icomb in Gloucestershire. She inherited the Pendarves Estate in Cornwall in 1764 and erected Acton Castle near St.Michael's Mount, Cornwall. John Stackhouse sold the Manor of Icomb in1807.

Also from Ian Caldwell: Susannah Acton (1754-1834), daughter of Anne Gregory and Edward Acton, married John Stackhouse (1742-1819). Susannah was an only child and heiress of the Sollershope and How Caple estates in Herefordshire and part of the manor of Icomb in Gloucestershire.

Their first son, John, died young. The second, Edward William, assumed the surname Wynne-Pendarves in 1815. He inherited the Sollershope and How Caple estates on the death of his brother Thomas in 1835. He was MP for Cornwall from 1826 until his death on 23rd July 1853, when the manors and estates passed to the children of his sister, Anne. Their third son, Thomas Stackhouse Pendarves, succeeded to the Acton Scott Estate , near where his sister Anne, married the rector. Thomas graduated from Jesus College, Cambridge in 1807. He married Frances Knight, eldest daughter of Thomas Andrew Knight of Downton Castle, in 1812 and made many improvements to the Hall and estate. He also inherited How Caple. He assumed the additional surname, Acton, in 1834 but died in 1835 without an heir. His widow ran the estate until her death in 1881.

In Feb 2007, Ian Baker wrote to advise:

You may be interested to learn that Susanna Acton also had a daughter Catherine Stackhouse (abt 1790 - 19 Dec 1873) who married Rev. William Fowler Holt (1797-1853) , the brother of my g-g-g grandfather Robert Fowler Holt. She was the second wife of W.F. Holt, who was a widower. They married at St. Swithin, Walcot, 4th April 1831. Edward Pendarves was one of the witnesses.

They had no children, and she brought up her husbands son from his first marriage , William Frederick Holt, as her own. I believe they travelled in Italy in the 1840s, but returned to England around 1849, when her husband was made rector of How Caple and Sollers Hope, as the patron was Mrs. S Stackhouse (Source : Crockfords 1851). In 1851 he left How Caple and they returned to Bath. She was widowed when her husband William Fowler Holt died of heart trouble in 1853.

In the 1861 census, she was living at 4 St James Sqare, Bath. age 70, listed as Fundholder. She had a visitor Ann G Coleman, widow, aged 77, born in Camborne , Cornwall. In the 1871 census, she is living at 2 Princes Terrace, Paddington, Marylebone. Her occupation was "Landowner". She had 2 servants and a visitor John Wood, a magistrate aged 669.

She died 19 Dec 1873 at 38 Onslow Square, Kensington. Her will was proved at the principal registry by Augustus Wood of How Caple Grange in the county of Hereford, Esq., the Great Nephew and the sole executrix. Catherine had previously lived at 56 Prices Square, Bayswater. Augustus Wood was the grandson of Catherine's sister Anne, by her daughter Mary Anne and John Wood. Her effects were valued under £16,000."

In Oct 2008, Ian Caldwell sent the following information:

Edward William Stackhouse was born on 7th April 1775. In 1814 he assumed the surname Wynne-Pendarves Stackhouse by the testimony request of his second cousin, Lutrill Wynne, D.C.L., Fellow of All Souls College, who died unmarried and without issue so left his property in Cornwall to Edward. He also left his Somerset estates to Anne Gregory and Catherine Stackhouse. (This explains why Anne later moved to Somerset where her children grew up and were married at Martock).

Edward William Wynne-Pendarves Stackhouse inherited the Pendarves estate. He was MP for for Lostwithiel Cornwall from 1826 until his death on 26th June 1853 during which time he was a keen advocate of political reform. His brother, Thomas, assumed the additional surname, Acton, in 1834 but died the following year, on 23rd July 1835, without an heir. His widow, Frances, ran the Acton Scott estate until her death in 1881.

Edward inherited the Sollershope and How Caple estates on the death of his brother Thomas Stackhouse, in 1835 but after Edward’s death without an heir, on 26th June 1853, the manors and estates passed to the grandchildren of his sister, Anne.

Edward’s lengthy obituary was published in a Cornish newspaper on 1st July 1853 and shows he was popular with the people of Cornwall.

Thomas Pendarves Stackhouse was born on 9th August 1778. He lived at Acton Scott from 1807 and had been the resident squire since then, but did not inherited the estate until his mother’s death in 1834, when he changed his name to Acton.

On 28th January 1812 Thomas, then 33 years old, married 18 year old Frances Knight, the daughter of Thomas Andrew Knight of Downton Castle, but they had no surviving children when he died in 1835.

Thomas Andrew Knight was the second president of the London Horticultural Society, which became the Royal Horticultural Society. There is an autobiographical account of the life of Frances Knight (Mrs. Frances Stackhouse Acton) (1794-1881) which was compiled at the request of her nieces in 1873, and is held in the Bedfordshire County Records Office. In it she describes her early schooling, descriptions of local cottages and the clothes of the people who lived in them. It also describes visits to her family home by Humphrey Davy, Madame le Brun, Joseph Banks and Sidney Smith and their is an account of the birth of her daughter.

I think that Anne would probably have liked Thomas’s wife, who was an educated woman and was a writer on archaeology and local history. After Thomas’s death his widow, Frances, continued to live at Acton Scott. though the estate passed to his brother, Edward. He was married to Tryphena Browse Trist but they also had no children, so on his death Pendarves passed to his sister Anne’s grandson, William Cole Wood, while Acton Scott passed to William’s brother Augustus Wood.

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