Sophia Storie Armstrong (née Jekyll)
1807 - 1874

 Relationship to me: Great Great Great Aunt Gen -4
 Born: 1807 in Wells Somerset (see Sophia Baskerville Newman's page)
 Died: d. June 1874 Hanover Square
 Age 67  
 Father:      Capt. John Jekyll R.N. 1776 - 1839
 Mother: Lucinda Jane, dau of Thomas Storie of Camberwell, m. 31 Jan 1799 d. 1851
 Brothers: John, of Ambers-sur-Loire, France. b. circa 1800
  William Frederick, Lieutenant, 6th Foot d. unmarried 28 Dec 1846
  Joseph Henry Storie d. 20 Aug 1860
 Sisters: Lucinda Elizabeth, of Wincanton and 26 Bryanston Square, London d. unmarried 15 Mar 1834
 Married: Henry King Armstrong (see note 2 below)  
 Children: Sophia Baskerville Armstrong (married Edwin Newman) c.1836 - 1899
  other children unknown  


  1. Information on Sophia Storie Jekyll comes partly from with the permission of its webmaster, Jeremy Archer. If this website is inaccessible, the information from it can be found at this link. Also from Diane Howard (see Sophia Baskerville Newman's page)
  2. Henry King Armstrong: E.H.A. Newman's obituary describes Henry King Armstrong in the following words: "Mr.Newman's mother [Sophia Baskerville Armstrong] was the daughter of Dr. [Henry King] Armstrong, son of the Rev.Armstrong, Rector of Stamford-le-Hope, a direct descendant of "Johnnie" Armstrong, the Laird of Gilnochie, chief of the Armstrong Clan."

    The photo below was sent to me by Ian Caldwell in April 2011. The photo came from a collection that had once belonged to his great grandmother Edith but which is grandmother (Helen) was unable to indentify. Ian speculates that the photo might be of Henry King Armstrong since it was taken by a John Jabez Edwin Myall of 224 Regent Street London. Ian reports that Myall's studio was opened in 1852 and that he opened abother one at 91 King's Road Brighton in 1864. Both addressess are printed on the back of the photo so it must have been taken between 1864 and 1869 when he died, if this is H.K. Armstrong. Certainly Henry Kong Armstrong is the only person with close Scottish that appears in the Newman/Jekyll brances of this family tree, but it remains pure supposition that this photo mght be him.

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