Helen Caldwell (née Turner Wilson)
1914 - 2007

 Relationship to me: First Cousin Once Removed Gen -1

Photo of his mother,
given to me by Ian Caldwell
 Born: 19 Jul 1914  
 Died: 23 Dec 2007  
 Age 93  
 Father:      Dr William Mitchell Turner Wilson 1882 - 1955
 Mother: Edith Turner Wilson (née Paynter) 1889 - 1982
 Brothers: (younger) Ian Henry Turner Wilson 1917 - 2007
 Sisters:   (younger) Betty Ross 1921 -
 Married: John Thomas Caldwell 1901 - 1970
 Children: son (living)  
  daughter (living)

Betty married Alfred Ross in 1945/6 and now lives in Epsom Downs, Surrey and has three daughters - (Dr) Elizabeth, Vivienne and Roberta.

Information given to me by Helen's son, Ian Caldwell:

"Helen left school at the age of 14 to go to Harrow Art School studying a general art course for three years but had to leave early as the family ran into financial difficulties during the 1930¹s slum and could not afford a maid any longer, so Helen helped her mother in the home, attending at college evening classes when she found an aptitude for clay modelling. She then taught infants for a year, which she enjoyed before going into nursing at University College Hospital. She passed the six week theory course, with an exam at the end of each week. The hours that nurses had to work then were very long, 8 am to 8 pm and the work was very demanding. Eventually she became very ill with scarlet fever, then suffered with a septic finger, so left general nursing. She went to St.George¹s Hospital at Hyde Park Corner for a while, working in Physiotherapy, using electro-medical equipment, but did not enjoy this so left and studied shorthand and typing. She then returned to teaching but war broke out so she joined the ATS and drove lorries around the country for about two years. It was while she was on leave from this that she met my father, the man next door, who was now a widower. They married on 16th August 1941".

Further information given to me by Ian Caldwell concerning his father John Henry Caldwell:

"John Caldwell was born in Richmond, Melbourne, Australia, the eldest son of Thomas Frederick Caldwell, an engineer and inventor and Catherine Gibson. He was the eldest of the seven children but had an older half sister, whom he never realised was his sister until he was grown up. She was always known as ³Auntie Lizzie² and lived with her mother all her life. The other children were - Frederick, Robert, Linda, Alma, Thomas and William. John left school at 14 and started working in tailoring while his father was away in England trying to sell his machine gun to the British Army, which he nearly succeeded in doing. When he returned to Australia he took John out of tailoring and got him to work with him in engineering, in which he was to remain for the rest of his life".

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