Richard Newman of Cork
c.1612 - >1685

 Relationship to me: Third Cousin 9 times removed Gen -9
Born c.1612 (estimated)  
Died after 1685 based on his being granted lands by James II who succeeded to the throne in that year.  
Age over 70  
Father:      Humphrey Newman of Wincanton b.c1582
Mother: Dorothy, daughter of Sir Thomas Phillips of Barrington
Siblings: Thomas (see notes 3 and 6 on Humphrey Newman's page) 1610
  Humphrey (see note 2 on Humphrey Newman's page) 1622 - <1681
  Elizabeth (see note 2 on Humphrey Newman's page)  
  Dorothy (see note 2 on Humphrey Newman's page)  
  Jane (see note 2 on Humphrey Newman's page)  
  Agatha (see note 2 on Humphrey Newman's page)  
Married: Sarah, daughter of Richard French of Cork m. 1651
Children: Dillon  
  Charles dsp
  Margaret - m.1721  

Richard Newman was in Cork City in 1651 and in 1662 was JP for the County of Cork (ref: Ian Caldwell 23 Jan 2003.)

Tony Newman wrote in the April 1998 Issue of The Newman Chronicle: "Of Humphrey and Dorothy Newman of Wincanton's second son Richard who settled in county Cork, and of subsequent Irish generations, I have meagre details. 'Landed Gentry of Ireland' reports: "In 1686 he (the above Richard) passed patent for the castle property of Drumineene and several other lands in County Cork, and 4 messuages in the city of Cork.  Said lands be erected into a manor called the manor of Newbury." A detached fragment of a recent generation of this branch brings the original Fifehead line well into the present century with John Robert Bramston Newman of Cork, MP for Enfield 1918-1923 (see page 2439). Although I do not yet have the intervening generations, this late individual will be of the same line because both the earlier Cork Newmans and this later Newman are described as "Dromore House", and "of Newberry Manor", and they use the same arms."

Tony's information appears to be confirmed by the NUI Galway website which includes two references as follows (thanks to Philip Dunphy for providing me with the link):

Newman (Dromore) - This family came from Wincanton, Somerset to county Cork in the mid 17th century and Richard Newman was granted the castle and lands of Drumneen and other lands in the locality, as the manor of Newbury/Newberry, by patent of James II. These lands were formerly in the possession of Sir Richard Kyrle. Richard's grandson Adam Newman purchased the nearby Dromore estate and left this estate to his nephew also named Adam. This second Adam eventually succeeded to both estates. Brady writes that the Dromore estate was purchased by Mr Newman of Newbury from his brother in law Peter Graham. At the time of Griffith's Valuation a descendant, another Adam Newman, held at least 16 townlands in the parish of Kilshannig, barony of Duhallow. John A. R. Newman of Dromore owned 6,146 acres in the 1870s while his cousins Adam Newman of Monkstown Castle owned 3,527 acres and Henry Newman of Betsborough owned 877 acres, all in county Cork.

Newman (County Cork) - In the 1870s, Adam Newman of Monkstown, Cork, was the owner of over 3500 acres in county Cork, while Henry Newman of Betsborough, Skibbereen, owned over 800 acres. Kingston asserts that the Newman family may have purchased estates in West Carbery from the Hollow Blades Company, who had acquired them under the sale of forfeited estates in 1703. Adam Newman was among the principal lessors in the parish of Caheragh at the time of Griffith's Valuation. At the same time Charles Newman was leasing several townlands in the parish of Ringcurran, barony of Kinsale. In June 1862, property in the town of Kinsale owned by William George Newman, was offered for sale in the Landed Estates Court. Family history sources suggest the Betsborough part of the estate was afterwards acquired by members of the Sweetnam family who had been agents for the Newmans see

Adam Newman of Monkstown, Cork, appears again in The County Families of the United Kingdom where he is described as "Eldest son of the late Richard Newman, Esq., of Dromineen Mallow, by Jane Harriet, dau. of James Langton Esq., of Bruree House, Co. Limerick; b. 1808; s. 1830; m. 1834 Mary, dau. of Adam Perry, Esq., of Cork, and has with other issue *Richard, b. 1836. Mr Newman, who was educated at Trinity Coll. Dublin, is a magistrate for Cork. This family was formerly of Wincanton, Somerset. Richard, son of Humphrey Newman of Wincanton by Dorothea, dau. of Sir Thomas Phillips of Barrington, went over to Ireland temp. Charles II, purchased an estate at Newberry Co. Cork, and founded the present Irish branch. ‡- Monkstown, near Cork."

The same page shows: "NEWMAN, John Adam Richard Esq. of Dromore House, Co. Cork. Only son of the late John Newman Esq. of Dromore, by Margaret, dau. of Nicholas Philpot Leader Esq., of Dromagh Castle, Co. Cork; b.1844, s[ucceeding] his grandfather, the late Adam Newman Esq. of Dromore, 1859. Educated at Eton; is Lord of the Manors of Newberry and Dromore. - Dromore House, Co. Cork."

Much of the above is confirmed in A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Ireland (page 327) from where the descendants of this Richard are derived.

Richard Hodgson of West Sussex, UK advised as follows (in Nov 2003): "I thought you might like to know that Richard French died in 1651, according to Burkes Landed Gentry re the family of French of Cuskinny, who claim him as their earliest recorded ancestor. They mention Sarah's marriage."

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