Dillon Newman of Newbury, Co. Cork
c1652 - 1733

 Relationship to me: Fourth Cousin 8 times removed Gen -8
Born c.1652 (estimated)  
Died 1733.  
Age ~80  
Father:      Richard Newman of Cork c.1612 - >1685
Mother: Sarah, daughter of Richard French of Cork m. 1651
Siblings: Adam  
  Charles dsp
  Margaret - m.1721  
Married: Martha, daughter of Col. Thomas Becher of Sherkin, Co. Cork m. 1651
Children: Richard  d.s.p.

Dillon Newman was a JP for the County of Cork.

His son Richard became High Sheriff of the county in 1737, married Catherine, daughter of Col. William Causaubon. Had three daughters: Isabella, Elizabeth and Martha.

Information found in A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Ireland page 327.

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