Humphrey Newman of Wincanton
c.1582 - >1664

 Relationship to me: Second Cousin 10 times removed Gen -10
Born c.1582* (estimated)  
Died after 1664 (see notes below)  
Age >80  
Father:      Richard of Queen Camel, Somerset c.1552 - ????
Mother: Agatha, daughter of Humphrey Pole of Belsbury
Siblings: Robert (see 1623 Visitation record)
Married: Dorothy, daughter of Sir Thomas Phillips of Barrington, Somerset c.1607
Children: Thomas (see notes 1 and 4 below) 1610 (notes 2 and 4) - 1651? (note 1)
Richard Newman (of Cork) b.c1612
  Humphrey - m. Elizabeth Reily 09 Jan. 1645/6 (see note 5) 1622 - <1681
  Elizabeth - m. James or David Trimby 15 April 1740 (see note 5)  
  Agatha - m. Roger Nichols 05 Sep. 1642 (see note 5)  

It appears that In his lifetime, Humphrey represented the senior branch of the Newman family of which the Fifehead Newmans formed part. According to Mark Scott of the College of Arms:

"During the Tudor and Stuart periods, the heralds visited each county around once per generation in order to inspect and record the arms and pedigree of the gentry. The arms in question were first recorded during a College herald's "visitation" to Somerset in 1623.

The following arms and crest were confirmed to Humphry Newman of Wyncaunton:

On the 2nd April 1664, Sir Edward Walker, Garter King of Arms issued a patent granting an augmentation of honour to Richard Newman of Fifehead Magdalen. Stating that Charles II had authorized him to grant augmentations of the Royal Badges to those who had served the King or his late father Charles I, and that Richard Newman ‘hath faithfully and constantly adhered to the interest of the Crown during the late times of distraction and hath been a great suffered for the same’, Garter granted him the augmentation of “in an Inescocheon Gules a Portcullis Crowned or” (Coll. Arms Miscellaneous Grants 6/117b and Walker’s Grants 1/16 & 2/56).

Aside from the official copy in our records, a transcript of this grant has been published in The Harleian Society Volume 77, Miscellaneous Grants of Arms Part II and I attach photographs of this transcript.

In the text of the patent, Walker refers to a certificate of Humphry Newman testifying that Richard Newman was his second cousin, and this certificate, and a pedigree abstracted from it, is recorded at the College. It would have been necessary to establish the right of Richard Newman to the arms before he could have been granted the augmentation, and the certificate declares that both Richard and Humphry were descended from a Robert Newman, who was the father of the Richard Newman who headed the visitation pedigree. This implies that the arms were in use during the reign of Henry VIII, when Robert was living (Coll. Arms 1L1/91).

At the visitation of Somerset in 1672, the arms (but, curiously, not the crest) were again recorded for Humphry Newman’s son, a Richard Newman of Wincanton. These are the original design, without the augmentation (Coll. Arms D27/40)."..

Note 1: Di Clements also quotes from Somerset Wills Fifth Series: "1651 Thomas Newman of Gillingham Dorset gent niece Ann Clarke." Could this be Thomas son of Humphrey?

Note 2: Newman Name Soc Chronicle shows Thomas's birth as 1610.

Note 3: Campbell Newman's website states that "in 1663, Humphrey Newman of Wincanton died without a male heir, and the advowsans passed to his second cousin, Richard Newman of Fifehead Magdalen Manor". I suspect that this must be wrong if Humphrey's son Richard went off to establish an Irish branch of the family. But perhaps he lost his advowson rights in so doing.

Note 4: See The Visitation of the County of Somersetshire (1623) in which Humphrey appears on page 79 as copied here. The names of his seven children are as reported by Di Clements, Thomas being shown as the eldest: "son and heir æt. 13, 1623" meaning "aged about 13 in 1623" - i.e. born c.1610.

Note 5: Harold Biggs provided information on additional Newman-of-Wincanton marriages in the 16th and 17th centuries.

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