Humphrey Newman of Wincanton
c.1582 - >1664

 Relationship to me: Second Cousin 10 times removed Gen -10
Born c.1582* (estimated)  
Died after 1664 (see note 2)  
Age ??  
Father:      Richard of Queen Camel, Somerset c.1552 - ????
Mother: Agatha, daughter of Humphrey Pole of Belsbury
Siblings: Robert (see note 2)
Married: Dorothy, daughter of Sir Thomas Phillips of Barrington, Somerset c.1607
Children: Thomas (see notes 3 and 6 below) 1610 (notes 4 and 6) - 1651? (note 3)
Richard Newman (of Cork) b.c1612
  Humphrey (see note 2) 1622 - <1681
  Elizabeth (see note 2)  
  Dorothy (see note 2)  
  Jane (see note 2)  
  Agatha (see note 2)  

Note 1: Most of the above information on Humphrey Newman of Wincanton was sent to me via Ian Caldwell on 23 Jan 2003. He may have obtained it from "The Visitation of the County of Somerset in the Year 1623" edited by Frederick Thomas Colby DD and published in 1876 - see an extract of which can be found here..

Note 2: Since then I have rediscovered a note that Di Clements sent me in Aug 2002:

"By certificate of Humphrey Newman of Wincanton gent 1664 it appears that Richard Newman of Fifehead Magdalen, Dorset is son and heir of Thomas Newman who is the grand child of another Thomas and great grandson son of Richard Newman Gent unto whom and to Cristian his wife are Richard and Robert their sons. William Abbot of St Augustine Bristol by deed 23 Henry VIII demised the Manor of Fifehead for lives and unto which Robert Newman, Paul Denelfe leased, 4 Edward VI, Fifehead Magdalen for 80 years which is now possessed by Richard Newman of Evercreech - he can bear arms.

Above Humphrey had a brother Robert, a father Richard of Queen Camel and grandfather Richard of Charlton Mackerel. His sons were Thomas 1623, Richard and Humphrey. His daughters Elizabeth, Dorothy, Jane and Agatha.

This information obtained from an article, not the registers so can't vouch for it."

Note 3: Di Clements also quotes from Somerset Wills Fifth Series: "1651 Thomas Newman of Gillingham Dorset gent niece Ann Clarke." Could this be Thomas son of Humphrey?

Note 4: Newman Name Soc Chronicle shows Thomas's birth as 1610.

Note 5: Campbell Newman's website states that "in 1663, Humphrey Newman of Wincanton died without a male heir, and the advowsans passed to his second cousin, Richard Newman of Fifehead Magdalen Manor". I suspect that this must be wrong if Humphrey's son Richard went off to establish an Irish branch of the family. But perhaps he lost his advowson rights in so doing.

Note 6: See The Visitation of the County of Somersetshire (1623) in which Humphrey appears on page 79 as copied here. The names of his seven children are as reported by Di Clements, Thomas being shown as the eldest: "son and heir æt. 13, 1623" meaning "aged about 13 in 1623" - i.e. born c.1610.

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