Mary Young (née Bisset)
1807 - ????

 Relationship to me: Great Great Grandmother Gen -4

 Born: 25 Jan 1807  
 Died: after Sep 1867
 Age >60  
 Father:   Alexander ???? - ????
 Mother:   Mary (née Smith) who was Isabella Bisset in1861 census?  
 Brothers: Donald c.1810 - from 1851 census
 Sisters:    Isabella c.1792 - from 1851 census
  Mary c.1805 - from 1851 census
 Married: Simon Young married c.1830 c.1807 - from 1851 census
Children: Alexander (the 1851 census shows Alexander as a nephew of Donald) c.1831
  Donald c.1835 - from 1851 census
  Simon c.1837 - from 1851 census
  Marlo c.1839 - from 1851 census
  John c.1843 - from 1851 census
  Margaret c.1844 - 1904
  William c.1847 - from 1851 census
  Isabella c.1833 - from 1851 census
  Mary c.1840 - from 1851 census
  Janet c.1852 - from 1861 census

Mary Young (née Bisset)

The 1851 census records show Mary living with her family at Wester Raddery as described on Simon's page.

The 1861 census shows Simon and Mary still living at Cloy. However, next door was a large Bisset family including Henry (12) Isabella (10), Hugh (8), Janet (6), Alex (4) and Lily-Jane (2). With them is a Hector Munro, father-in-law to the head of the family, and Isobella Bisset aged 87, widowed, and mother of the head of the family.

If Mary's birth record is correct, this Isabella could not have been her mother. Perhaps she had been married to Alexander Bisset's brother?


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