Henry Wenman Toll (Newman)
1788 - 1865

 Relationship to me: Fourth Cousin 4 Times Removed Gen -4
Born 1788  
Died 1865 (from Geoff Newman's "Family History of Ashburnham Cecil Newman")  
Age 77  
Father:      Richard Newman Toll (Newman) 1752-1829
Mother: Grizel Pardy of Hamilton, Lanarkshire, Scotland ) m. 16 Jun 1777
Brothers: Ashburnham Cecil Toll (Newman)   1796 - 1867
Sisters: Mary m. (1) John Smith (2) William Jack 1778 - ????
  Anne unmarried 1780 - ????
  Eliza Anne Newman m. James Sinclair Lockhart of Cambusnethan House, Lanarkshire 1783 - 1816
  Charlotte 1785 - ????
  Susan Hamilton Newman 1790 - ????
  Isabella 1792 - ????
  Frances 1792 - ????
Married: Frances Margaret Goodenough, eldest dau. of the late Rev. J. J. Goodenough, D.D. d. 1904
Children: Henry AshburnhamToll Newman (from Geoff Newman's "Family History of Ashburnham Cecil Newman") b. 1847 - 1920
  Rev. George William Newman (from Geoff Newman's "Family History of Ashburnham Cecil Newman") 1850 - 1931
  Richard Goodenough (from Geoff Newman's "Family History of Ashburnham Cecil Newman") 1851 - 1852

The following text can be found in The County Families of the United Kingdom kindly sent to me by Cheryl Cotton:

NEWMAN, Henry Wenman, Esq., of Thornbnry Park, Gloucestershire. Eldest son of the late Richard Newman Newman, Esq., M.D. (who assumed the name of Newman in lien of Toll), by Grizel, dau. of James Purdie, Esq., of Hamilton, N.B.; b.1788; s. 1829 ; m. 1846 Frances Margaret, eldest dau. of the late Rev. J. J. Goodenough, D.D., and grand-niece of Dr. S. Goodenough, late Bishop of Carlisle, and has, with other issue, Henry AshburnhamToll, b. 1847. Mr. Newman is a J.P. and D.L. for Co. Gloucester (High Sheriff 1835), and late Lieut.-Col, Commandant Royal S. Gloucester Militia. This family formerly owned the manor of Fifehead Magdalen, Dorset, which they obtained by a grant from the Crown after the dissolution of monasteries. Col. Newman has a royal descent from King Edward I. —Thornbury Park, Gloucestershire; Hillside, Cheltenham; Imperial Club, Cheltenham.

Geoff Newman's "Family History of Ashburnham Cecil Newman" notes the following:

Henry Wenman changed his name to Newman at the age of 14 (i.e. 1802 when his father inherited Frances Newman's estates). He served with the 23rd South Gloucestershire Militia in Ireland in 1814 and was promoted Captain in 1820. He was later promoted to Lt.Col. commanding the Royal South Gloucestershire Militia from 1854 to 1860. On the death of his father he became owner of Thornbury Park, and built the current manor house there in 1832. He is listed as a JP, Deputy Lieutenant and High Sheriff for Gloucester. In 1846 at the age of 58 he married Frances Margaret Goodenough and they had three children in the following four years.

Following his death, Thornbury was jointly held by his two eldest sons Henry and George. Why the property was sold by them in the 1930s is not known - probably lack of money during the Depression. The family dropped from Burke's register in 1937.

By some accounts one of the later generations of Newman/Tolls once again changed their name by deedpole, this time to Goodenough - the family name of Henry Wenman's wife..

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