Rev. Ashburnham Philip Toll (Newman)
1743 - 1802

 Relationship to me: Third Cousin 5 Times Removed Gen -5
Born 1743  
Died 1802 (from Geoff Newman's "Family History of Ashburnham Cecil Newman")  
Age 59  
Father:      Ashburnham Toll d.1771
Mother: Mary Geary 1678 - ????
Brothers: Charles Toll (Newman) 1739 - 1775
  Richard Newman Toll (Newman) (from Geoff Geoff Newman's "Family History of Ashburnham Cecil Newman") 1752 - 1829
  Frederick d.s.p. (from Burke's Commoners p112)  
Sisters: Anne d. unmarried. Buried in Thornbury Church 1748 - 1824
  Mary m. Pitman unknown
Married: Mary Mowbray dau. Paul Mowbray of London (from Burke's Commoners p112) m. Dec 1773
Children: none  

Note: Following the death of his brother Charles, Ashburnham Philip Toll assumed by sign manual the surname and arms of Newman on 15th Dec 1775- see Burke's Commoners p112. He did so in order qualify to inherit his cousin Frances Newman 's estates in accordance with the provisions of her will.

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