Adah Elizabeth Aitken (Bessie) Wall (née Wake)
1872 - 1963

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 Relationship to me: Great Aunt Gen -2 

(back) John Edwin Wall; Adah Elizabeth Aitkin Wall;
(middle) Marjorie Aitken Wall; John A. Wall;
(front) Joyce Aitken Wall; Gladys Wall
 Born: 18 Oct 1872, Birmingham Warwickshire
 Died: 16 Nov 1963
 Age 91  
 Father:   Robert Kilpatrick Wake 1848 - 1892
 Mother:   Adah Rhodes Nelson 1849 - 1921
 Brothers: None
 Sisters:   Mary Helena Nelson 1874 - 1969
  Annie Margaret (m Stocks) 1876 - 1970
  Nicholas (m Blackwell) 1881 - 1961
  Gladys 1884 - 1885
 Married: John Edwin Wildgoose Wall 1868 - 1917
 Children: Marjorie Aitken 1894 - 1974
  John - married (1) Ivy and (2) Kathleen 29 Feb 1896 - 1984
  Robert 1898 - 1900
  Gladys 26/11/1899 - c. 1975 
  Joyce Aitken (Cousin Jo) 31/8/01 - 20/8/1998
  Eric 4/7/10 - 23/8/1990

Adah Elizabeth was always known as Bessie (or in my case "Auntie Bessie". She was tiny and apparently suffered serious health problems, at least in the early part of her life (see record of Gran Smith's conversation with Michael where he reads from a letter that talks of Bessie being very ill and having a weak heart. Bessie's grandson, Oliver Suffield tells me that she used to spend time in San Remo for her health problems - which must have worked since she lived to over 90!

Gladys Wall married (David) Geoffrey Price. Her youngest daughter, Nicholas Nadine Aitken Price (Nadine) was responsible for much of the research on this side of my family. Gladys's eldest daughter, (Elizabeth) Valerie Aitken Cowell died in 2017.

According to a note left by my grandmother (Mary Helena Nelson Smith), Eric married someone called Renie and had two children, Susan and Nigel.

I have vivid recollections of Joyce (Cousin Jo) when she visited us in Somerset when I was quite young. She must have inherited the vitality and energy that my mother and grandmother had, and was always full of fun and adventure, taking us children out for long walks in the country.

All photos on this page given to me by Oliver Suffield


L-R: probably Jo Wall; Adah Nelson; Bessie Wall
Eric Wall in front (c.1920)

Bessie Wall in later life
c.1950 (see whole photo on M.H.N. Smith's page)

Last Updated: 21 Dec 2017 - death of Valerie Aitken Cowell recorded (thanks to Caroline Cowell).
Last Updated: 31 Jan 2005

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