Thomas Plantagenet, Earl of Norfolk
1300 - 1338

Relationship to me: unrelated  
Born June 1, 1300 Brotherton,Yorkshire,England
Died August 1338; buried Abbey of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk  
Age 38  
Father:      King Edward I
Mother: Marguerite of France le Hardi
Married: (1) Alice (Itayls) Hayles, about 1316 (Katherine daughter of Sir Roger Haleys, Knight of Hawichshire County Essen) about 1316
  (2) Mary de Ros, about 1328  
Children:  Margaret Marshall Plantagenet, Duchess of Norfolk c1321 - 1399

In Oct 2020, Gay Brennan established that the Wyndhams are not ancestors of the Newmans as used to be thought. See note on Dinah Wyndam's page.

Page updated 14 Oct 2020 - severence of Wyndhams from Newman ancestry based on information from Gay Brennan.
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