Robert Newman of Fifeild
c.1536* - 1576

 Relationship to me: Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Uncle Gen -11
Born c.1536* (estimated)  
Died 25th Jan 1576 will proved 3rd Feb 1576 (see note 1 below)  
Age ~40  
Father:      Robert Newman of Fifehead Magdalen c.1516* - 1556
Mother: Christiana (or maybe Alice)
Brothers: Richard Newman of Charlton Musgrove - ancestor of Newman of Charlton Mackrell c.1538* - 1573 (b.1525 by Jaynie Ballard)
Henry Newman - ancestor of Newman of Salisbury (b.1525 by Jaynie Ballard)
  Thomas Newman of Fifehead Magdalen c.1540* - 1574 (b.1529 by Jaynie Ballard)
Married: Helen (see note 2 below)
Children: Geoffrey or Jeffery of Fifeild (see note 3 below) d. 1581 d.s.p.
  Elizabeth m. (1) John Joycliffe (see note 2 below) (2) William Carrant Esq.  
  Christian m. Richard Esmond Esq of Fifeild  

* I have estimated the birth dates for Robert and his predecessors based on their being at least 20 years old before they had children. Even with such a short generation time, it is difficult to fit them all in. It is therefore questionable how accurate the information is about the early Newmans that has been passed down to me.

Note 1: From Newman Name Soc Chronicle: "Robert NEWMAN ( ) -(25 JAN 1576) m. Ellen, alias Evered, of Fifehead Magdalen, will proved 03 FEB 1576 P.C.C."

Note 2: Di Clements quotes from Somerset Wills Fifth Series: " John Joliffe, mother in law Helen Newman late wife of Robert."  This seems to confirm that Helen was wife of this Robert and not his mother as indicated by Proceedings of Somerset Archeological Society Vol XXXIX - Pages 156 and 157.

Note 3: From Newman Name Soc Chronicle: Galfrid (alias Jeffery) NEWMAN ( ) -(1581) m. Catherine WEBB ( ) - (1583), [Jeffery Newman] of Middle Temple, London, alias EVERARD, will proved 18 APR 1581, P.C.C. Darly, bequests included poor of Fifehead Magdalen & mother Elen (sic) Newman alias Evered. It appears that Jeffrey inherited the Fifehead lease from his father, which passed to his cousin Thomas on Jeffrey's death in 1581.

Last updated: 19 Mar 2014 - reference to Jeffrey inheriting Fifehead added