Robert Leach
1755 - 1839

 Relationship to me: Second Cousin five times removed Gen -5
Born 1755
Died 1839  
Age 84  
Father:      Rev. Robert Leach ???? - 1771
Mother: Eleanor Leach (nee Burton) 1733 - ????
Brothers: Walter Burton Leach 1759 - 1801
Married: Sarah Godsil Francis 1769 - 1839
Children: Elizabeth Burton Leach 1790 - 1850
  Walter Burton Leach, vicar of Sutton Montis (aka Sutton Montague) 1801-1860

Information sent to me by John Singer 12 Apr 2022.

Walter was vicar of Sutton Montis (aka Sutton Montague) as was his father and his son. According to John Singer, the Burtons and the Leaches lived in Sutton Montis and the surrounding area for many generations. An Edmund Burton was rector of Sutton Montis from 1571 and another of South Cadbury from 1606.

John added that the Newmans and the Burton Leaches must have know each other as North Cadbury and Sutton Montis are neighbouring villages and they were both well-established families. In fact the Newmans and Burtons (and Leaches) were cousins. Furthermore Robert and Sarah were great grandparents of the Newman genealogist Grosvenor Bartelot, so the families would almost certainly have remained in close contact for a number of generations.


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