Eleanor Leach (née Burton)
1733 - ????

 Relationship to me: First Cousin six times removed Gen -6
Born 1733 (from John Singer)
Died unknown  
Age unknown  
Father:      Walter Burton, Rector of Sutton Montague (aka Sutton Montis), Somerset d. >1742
Mother: Ann Burton (née Newman) 1706 - 1776 
Brothers: (younger) Walter  
Sisters: (younger) Jane  
Married: Robert Leach ???? - 1771
Children: Rev. Robert Leach, vicar of Sutton Montis (aka Sutton Montague) 1755 - 1839

According to a letter written by Camborne Paynter to H.E.M. Newman in November 1957, Eleanor married her father's curate, the Rev. Robert Leach. The Leach family long continued at Sutton Montis and through them the traditions of the Newmans of North Cadbury were preserved for several generations.

Eleanor and Robert Leach were great grandparents of the renown genealogist Rev R. Grosvenor Bartelot from whose researches much of the Newman family data presented on this website is based. Presumably it was Eleanor and Robert and their daughter Eleanor's adherenace to Newman traditions that fed down to spark Grosvenor Bartelot's interest in the family's history.

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