Will of Richard Newman 1681 Dec 8; proved 1682 June 27
Procured, transcribed and given to me by Raymond Mercier

Tm Rich Newman

In the name of God Amen I Richard Newman the younger of Evercreech Park within the County of Somerset Esq This eigth day of December In the three and thirtieth year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord Charles the Second by the grace of God of England Scotland France and Ireland King defender of the Faith etc Annorum Domini One thousand Six hundred eighty one being in good and perfect health and memory thanks be unto Almighty God calling to mind the uncertainty and frailty of mans life and estate and to how many Ills and casualties the same is subject unto and alsoe considering that nothing is more certaine than death and the how and time thereof most uncertaine willing therefore of such goods Chattels reall and ...senall and other estates whatsoever wherewith it hath pleased Almighty God to blesse me withall farr beyond my deserts doe sett order and shaw them due accounting and revoking all former wills make this my last will and testament in forme following

First I bequeath my immortall soule to the Almighty and most powerfull God my maker humbly beseeching his heavenly Majesty to pardon my manifold offences and not to enter into judgment ...... me according to my wirkes deserts but ?aving by his ...earchable mercy and by the merits of Christ my blessed savious I may be an Associate in heaven with his Angells And my body I give to the earth from whence it came to be interred in Christian buriall in the Chancell in the parish Church of Fiffehed in the County of Dorsett as near as can be onto the place where my beloved Grandfather Richard Newman the elder Gent was interred desiring a faire stone with an inscription only of my name age time of my death and yeare may be laid over me And as to those temporall blessings God Almighty hath blessed me with all I give them as followeth

First I give unto my wife Mrs Grace Newman my House in Tufton street in the City of Westminster London and all the goods therein during such time shee shall continue and remaine a Widdow and in case shee marry then my will is that the said House shall goe and ... together with the said Goods unto my daughter Barbara Newman if shee be of the age of eighteen or married which first happens and during her minority to my mother [Anne]Newman to such uses as shee shall think best towards the addition of two hundred pounds already given by my said // 156 // Mother to my said daughter which I give unto her as a marriage portion

I give unto my daughter Anne Newman Five hundred pounds to be put out for my said daughter untill she come to age of eighteen or marry which first happens and if it shall please God that either dye the said portion to goe to the other and if both dye unmarried then to such younger Child or Children that it may please God at the time of my death I may or shall have to be divided equally share and share alike.

And in case I may or shall have none at the time of my death as aforesaid then to my Sonne Richard and his Heires for ever provided nevertheless my said daughters marry with the consent of my wife Mrs Grace Newman or my Father Newman my Father [in-law, Henry] Edmonds and my Sonne Richard after hee hath attained the age of eighteen yeares and my Mother Newman or with the Survivor or Survivors of them

And whereas my my wife hath soe large and soe liberall a joyturt my desire and request to her is that shee will add such farther portions to my youger Children as she may and that shee will allow unto my said daughters untill they are married or attain the age of eighteen yeares that their portions may be improved twenty pounds by the yeare apeice for their present maintenance which if shee doth not doe my Sonne Richard after the death of one of his Grandfathers to allow them twenty pounds by the yeare apeice as aforesaid or put in their lives into my Tenement at Westower now in the tenure of William Shettle for to be done that the yearly Rent of the said tenement be equally divided between them during their lives and in case my said Wife marry or will not add farther provisions to my said daughters portions as aforesaid or will not live soe as my Children may live near my Father and Mother then my will is untill they come to be of age that they live with my own Mother if then alive or with my Sister Dame Anne Christian Honeywood

I give unto my truly beloved Father and Mother my Death knowing they have occasion of noe other thing I have which if they had noe Sonne conle more heartily bequeath or have a deeper sence of their great care and abundant kindnesse towards me

I give unto my Brothers Five pounds a piece vizt Mr Charles Harbord Newman and Mr Francis Holles Newman

I give unto my Sister Dame Anne Christian Honeywood Five ?ninges to be paid into her own hand

I give unto my Sister Francis [Oxenhome]Five pounds

I give unto Wadham the Sonne of John Francis Jun if he never happen to be my Servant three pounds to bind him out an Apprentice

I give unto John Francis and Elianor his wife and Mary Wilson one gold ting apeice

I give unto all my Servants except Peter Walter that live with me at the time of my death Forty shillings apeice and I desire my wife to give them all mourning

I give unto the poore of the parish of Evercreech Five pounds to be disposed of at the discretion of my Executor hereinafter mentioned not to be any wayes imployed for the case of the poore rate

And whereas I heartily thank God I cannot now cast to mind any wrongs or injuries I have done unto any man but knowing I may be guilty of defrauding persons that I know not how to make personall restitution I doe therefore give to the poore to be imployed as aforesaid of the place where ever it shall please God I shall dye tenne pounds

I give unto the poore of the parish of FiFhed tenne pounds to be imployed as aforesaid I give to the Parish of FiFhed to remaine as a stock for ever Fifty pounds to be imployed to bind out one poore Child of the said parish of FiFhed every year in such manner as the Overseer of the poore for that time being with the consent of my Sonne Richard and his Heirs for ever shall think concenient the Children of any person to me related to have the pliconience before any other person

I give unto my Somme Richard all my Household goods at // 156v // My House at Evercreech Parke and all the stock that shall happen to be on the ground there at the time of my death and all my other goods whatsoever and all my trees at Evercreech Parke be they more or less and all my estate reall and personall provided he marry with the consent of his Grandfather and Grandmother Newman And that he make up his Sisters portions out of his marriage portion Fifteen hundred pounds apeice by that time they to me to the age of one and twenty yeares apeice and my farther desire to him is that hee take care of his Sisters and by dutifull to his mother and that he take speciall care that he never suffers Elizabeth the eldest daughter of my Aunt Cox to want And that he be ever kind and loving to all my dear Sister ...... Children and that hee doth bestow something towards the binding out of Robert Cox and James Cox my aunt Cox her Grandchildren or something towards the setting up of a trade if otherwise bound out

I give unto my Goddaughter my Coz Dorothy Warre tenne pounds to be paid her at the age of Sixteen

I hereby make my Father Newman my Executor in trust for my said Sonne Rich: untill he attains the age of twenty one yeares I give unto Peter Walter if hee continues with me or my Father as hee and I have agreed in writing tenne pounds

And my will is that Peter Walter jun. should manage all here bequeathed unto my Sonne with the consent and approbation of my said Executor and that my Sonne would continue him in the management of his estate and affaires and have the same inclination to the said Peter as I have if he contiues his care and fidelity to him and my desire to my wife is that shee would continue him likewise in the management of her joynture which will be to the advantage of her and her Children and in case my said Father Newman is not living at the time of my death I doe then appoint my Mother Newman Executrix as aforesaid containing two sheets of paper sealed the one unto the other and not more

RNewman signed sealed published and declared to be my last will in the presence of Pe: alter John Francis Signum Mary Wilson.

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