James Smith
1803 - before 1875

 Relationship to me: Great Great Grandfather Gen -4

 Born: 5th Mar 1803  
 Died: before 1875 (see his widow's death notice)
 Age unknown  
 Father:   Alexander Smith ???? - ????
 Mother:   Jane Ledingham ???? - ????
 Brothers: unknown  
 Sisters:    unknown  
 Married: Mary Nicol (married at Machar 17 Mar 1831) 1809 - 1875
 Children: James b. 1834
  Thomas b,1836
  Mary b.1831
  Agnes b.1833
  Alexander 1839 - 1878

James Smith's birth record shows that he was born at Stratford in the County of Wicklow, Ireland, when his father was serving in the Duke of York's regiment. The Duke of York at that time was Prince Frederick, second son of George III.

James's father is described as "Dier at Steps of Gilconiston (or Gilscomston)". The Steps of Gilcomston are located in AB25 1UW, Aberdeen - see Streetcheck. Gilconiston South Church is located on the north side of Union Street.

In his widow's death record, James is stated to have been a salmon fisher. However earlier in his life (in his son Alexander's baptismal record he was recorded as a farmer from South Murcar.

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