Francis Hollis Newman
c1805 - c1870

 Relationship to me: First Cousin four times removed Gen -4
 Born c1805  
Died c1870  
 Age 64  
 Father:      Francis Newman 1759-1817
 Mother: Elizabeth Hannah Friers
 Brothers: (elder) John Francis Newman c.1800 - ????
  Francis Olis Newman  
 Sisters: Elizabeth Rachel Newman m. Woodyear & Larnded (had no children) 1799 - 1856
Emily Newman (m. Dr. James Thomas Johnson)
Susan Bird Newman (m. Young)
 Married: Unknown
 Children: 10 children

From Jerry Gandolfo: Francis Hollis Newman: Medical Doctor (University of Maryland, 1826) and Reverend. Moved to Huntsville Alabama, USA. Obituary states, "In 1828, he settled at the house of his half brother, Capt. John F. Newman [Huntsville]. Died age 64. He left a wife and ten children. [source: Eleanor N. Hutchens]

Eleanor Newman Hutchens of Huntsville, Alabama is a direct descendant of Francis Hollis Newman (son of Francis Newman via Elizabeth Hannahs Friers).