Catherine Rogers (née Newman)
1762 - 1832

 Relationship to me: Great Great Great Great Aunt Gen -5
 Born 1762 presumably at Cadbury  
Died 1832
 Age 70  
 Father:      Francis (Frank) Newman of North Cadbury c1720-1796
 Mother: Jane Sampson, daughter of Henry Sampson of Wells - Buried North Cadbury 2 Aug 1784 1729 - 1784 (or 1794)
 Brothers: none c1762-1836
 Sisters: (older) Frances Charlotte who married her cousin Francis 1758 - 1834
  Jane, married William Walter Yea at N.Cadbury 1st May 1783 (see Debrett's Baronetage of England) 1760 - 1829
 Married: James Rogers of Rainscombe, in 1788 (see Access Genealogy)
 Children: Francis Newman-Rogers

I have no information about Catherine other than what appears above. However I do have some information about her husband Rev. James Rogers and their child Francis Newman-Rogers which came to me from a descendant Jonathan Newman-Rogers, who sent me a copy of an old family Bible. The fly-leafs of this Newman-Rogers' Bible contains references to the Rogers family and their inclusion of the Newman name at the request of Catherine's father Francis Newman of North Cadbury. On one page Catherine's sister Frances Newman records her gift of the book to her nephew Francis Newman-Rogers Esquire. And in some accompanying notes written by Louisa Annie Rogers in 1947, she records her own gift of the book to her son Francis Henry Rogers and requests that he pass it onto his son Timothy.

Rev. James Rogers became guardian of his wife's neice, Frances Charlotte Newman during her minority.

James Rogers was defendant in Chancery Court Proceedings C 12/184/20 (also sent to me by Susan Moore) which seems to have been brought against him by Francis Newman (the younger) and his (Francis's) creditors in Nov 1791, after promising to pay £6,922 for Francis's inheritances expectant on the death of his uncle (Francis Newman the elder) including the "the perpetual advowson rectory and right of presentation parish church of South Cadbury, and also the .... several manors and estates called North Cadbury and Sparkford". The case concluded in 1792, when it seems James refused to proceed with the purchase because of fraudulent misrepresentation by Francis Newman relating to concealment of encumbrances on the properties. Perhaps Francis's complaint may have been lodged in response to a complaint brought against him by James Rogers in January 1791 (see Chancery Proceedings C 12/178/26)

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