Aline Lilian Newman
1907 - 1978

 Relationship to  me: Aunt  Gen -1

Aline with her mother Lilian
probably during the First World War, perhaps when her mother was working for WVS
 Born: 1907  
 Died: 1978  
 Age 71  
 Father:      Walter Ernest Newman 1864 - 1947
 Mother: Lilian Jekyll (nee) Paynter 1874 - 1958
 Brothers: Harold Ernest Montague Newman 1900 - 1991
 Sisters:   None
 Married: Mr Gibson details unknown
 Children: None

Outline her Life:

I met Aline only once in my life, or perhaps twice and I know little about her. The impression I gained was that she might have been slightly retarded, or otherwise a little "peculiar", perhaps being something to do with her parents being first-cousins. Certainly my father was not close to her, and I suspect he didn't much care for her. She was seldom talked about and usually disparaging terms when she was mentioned. I don't think I ever met her husband who I think was somewhat looked down upon by the family and who I believe died several years before she did.

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