William Rhodes
c1775 - c1850

 Relationship to me: Great Great Great Grandfather Gen -5
 Born: c.1775
 Died: c.1850
 Age maybe around 75  
 Married: probably Ann (see notes below) b. c1780
 Children: Ann
  maybe Harriet (see notes below)

From Debbie Hill - 15 Feb 05:  Marriage certificate of Horatio Nelson and Ann Rhodes. William is named as Ann's father and is described as an 'inkeeper'. At the time of the marriage, Ann lived at 'Westgate'. (There is a Westgate in Wakefield. In 1853, there were 21 inns in Westgate. The Little Bull was run by Joseph Rhodes at this time.) Evidence from Horbury suggests an alternative explanation. The 1841 census lists William Rhodes, living in Horbury as an innkeeper. He was 65 and his wife was Ann, aged 60 (ages rounded down to nr 5 years in 1841). A daughter, Harriet, was living at home and working as a confectioner. In 1842, the Trade Directory records William Rhodes as owning The Fleece Inn in the centre of Horbury. This is in Lidgate that runs into Westfield. (Confused with Westgate?) The 1847 Trade Directory lists 'Richardson' as running The Fleece Inn - it is likely he was a tenant, as the Horbury Tithe Award for 1848 has William Rhodes as owning a stable and yard, The Fleece Inn, a brewhouse and yard and 22 cottages. However, by 1857, the Tithe Award lists the owner of the stable, The Fleece Inn, the brewhouse and 2 (was the 22 a misprint?) cottages are listed as belonging to 'Oratio Nelson'! This appears strong evidence for this 'William Rhodes' being Ann's father. If this property was left to the son-in-law, it suggests there wasn't a son to inherit…does this also account for Ann naming her children 'Rhodes Nelson' - carrying on the line in the absence of a son? If there were 22 cottages in 1848, what happened to the others? This evidence suggests William died between 1848 and 1857. William Rhodes is also named as a chapel warden in 1805.

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