William Gregory of How Caple
1676 - 1702

 Relationship to me: Great Great Great Great Great Great Great Grandfather Gen -9
 Born: 1676
 Died: 23 April 1702
 Age 26  
 Father:      James Gregory 1653 - 1691
 Mother: Elizabeth Rodd of Foxley d. 1716
 Brothers: None known of
 Sisters:   None known of
 Married: Elizabeth Geers of Icomb m. 1698 c1670 - ????
 Children: William c1700 - 1765

William Gregory of How Caple, Hereford married Elizabeth Geers of Icomb in 1698 at the age of 22, but was only 26 when he died on 23rd April 1702. There are a pair of portraits of these two on the staircase at Acton Scott Hall, Acton Scott, Shropshire which were probably made around the time of their wedding.

How Caple, Herefordshire: Photos (courtesy Ian Caldwell)