Willian Costen Aitken
1817 - 1875

 Relationship to me: No blood relation Gen -4

Photo of W.C. Aitken (see notes below)
 Born: 3rd March 1817, Dumfries, Scotland
 Died: 24th March 1875 in Birmingham  
 Age 58  
 Married: Elizabeth Wright 1821 - 1890
 Children: none recorded  

William Costen Aitken was a prominent businessman in Birmingham. He was also an art collector and an artist in his own right as can be seen from his painting below. The words on his tombstone read: "This stone is placed in loving memory of William Costen Aitken by friends who knew his worth and mourn his loss. Devoted to that which he knew to be good, he spent the best years of his life in teaching men how work was richly ennobled when thought was joined to labour and beauty wedded to skill. Born in Dumfries, 3rd March 1817, Scotland, died Birmingham 24 March 1875" [as read to my Gran Smith by her grandson Michael shortly before her death in 1969 - refer tape recording of her recollections, 10 Feb 1969]. Probably buried in Handsworth Old Church as mentioned in that recording.

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